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  • Cheryl Tan

Technics AZ60 Review: LDAC, ANC, Great Sound Quality & More!

The Technics AZ60 is an interesting product, but it’s best to think of it somewhat as a successor to its older brother, the AZ70, rather than as a mid-of-the-line product because it’s only S$20 more affordable than the AZ70.

We’ve got the Technics AZ60 today, and it’s actually a pretty nice effort from Technics to take the AZ70 and modernise it for 2022.

So let’s talk design first. It’s definitely more slimmed down than the AZ70, with a sleeker case that’s taller rather than stouter, and it slips into a pocket just fine. There’s a USB-C port on the rear for charging, but no wireless charging here.

Open up the case and you get the earbuds inside. They’re smaller as well, and they sit more securely in the ear without all of the bulk from the AZ70. The faceplate is a ringed metal surface with the Technics logo, which is very similar to the AZ40.

They’re also using the same Technics Audio Connect app and it’s really quite simple. You get the battery levels for each earbud, an option to toggle ANC on or off, a Sound Enhancement feature, which is essentially the EQ, an option to ring the earbuds or locate them if they’re lost and a JustMyVoice test, which allows you to hear how you sound on calls and such when the feature is on.

It’s also easy to customise the touch controls, and you get to optimise the ANC, choose connection mode and such.

As for touch controls, a single tap on either side is play/pause, while a double-tap on the left lowers the volume and a triple tap on the left raises the volume. A double-tap on the right skips forwards while a triple tap on the right skips backwards. A touch and hold on the left pulls up the voice assistant while a touch and hold on the right switches ambient sound control.

These come with Bluetooth 5.2 and the good thing about them is that I’ve never experienced a single drop out on this pair, which is excellent. There’s also SBC, AAC and LDAC, which is excellent. That being said, it’s a bit of a shame these don’t come with aptX Adaptive. Thankfully, there is multipoint connectivity here, which is nice.

Technics claims 4.5 hours of battery life if you’re using LDAC with ANC on with a total of 16 hours including the case, although that does go up to 7.5 hours on AAC and ANC off and a total of 25 hours with the case. It’s decent, definitely not the best, but 7 hours with ANC on is pretty okay.

There’s also an IPX4 water resistance rating on the earbuds, so no problems with sweat or the occasional drizzle.

As for microphone quality, it’s pretty decent, especially in quieter environments. I’d say these will do fine for work calls and such.

The ANC here is actually really good, which is great, because the AZ70’s ANC was really impressive back then too. It blocks out pretty much all the commute sounds and rumble, and while it’s not as good as some of the top tier ANC earbuds, it’s more than adequate for most situations.

As for sound quality, that’s where these shine. You get a well-rounded sound with a slight emphasis on the lows and powerful bass. There’s also plenty of detail in the mids, although I did feel the treble was a bit laidback. That being said, it’s easy to EQ these, and overall, the sound is warm and rich, and definitely great for a variety of genres.

The soundstage is also relatively wide and coherent, and again, plenty of detail throughout the mix.

These retail at S$379 or US$229, and it’s honestly, not too bad. They’re around the same price as the AZ70, the ANC is effective, you get LDAC support and the sound quality is great. The Technics AZ60 are definitely a good option for people who want great-sounding earbuds and ANC without having to break the bank.

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