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  • Kyle Chua

Could We See a Stair-Climbing Robot Vacuum From Dyson in the Future?

Not everyone has the time and patience to clean their own homes. For those that don’t, they usually employ the help of robot vacuums that automate the cleaning for them. However, as efficient as these robots have become over the years, they have yet to learn how to go up stairs to clean homes with two or three floors.

Credit: U.K. Intellectual Property Office

That could all soon change if the recent Dyson patents are to be believed. According to Bloomberg, the British appliance maker on Wednesday, 1 September, filed a patent for a robot design that looks to be capable of cleaning and climbing stairs.

Going by the diagram from the patent, the robot unit will have wheels for feet and an extendable arm, similar to older vacuum models.

"Track-laying climbing mechanisms are installed on two sides of a main frame and an attached frame," as described in the patent. "A bottom plate is installed under the middle of the main frame, and a baffle is installed on the rear end of the bottom plate in a hinged mode."

Credit: U.K. Intellectual Property Office

Meanwhile, the other patented design shows a robotic hand holding a coffee mug while simultaneously opening a drawer.

It’s not clear yet how far along with development these designs are or if they’re even in development at all. This means that it’s not certain as of yet that we’ll see these designs in future Dyson products.

"We file a lot of patents," said a Dyson representative. "But we never comment on technologies we may or may not launch in the future."

Companies normally file patents to safeguard the intellectual rights of their designs even if they don’t plan to use them. Bloomberg notes that Dyson has worked on several projects in the past that didn’t make it to final production. Other recent patents from the company reportedly include a toothbrush, an air purifier that doubles as a pair of headphones and a skincare device.


Written by Kyle Chua


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