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Spotify Explores Full-Length Music Videos, Targets TikTok & YouTube Competition.

Spotify is exploring the inclusion of full-length music videos in its app to challenge TikTok and YouTube, according to Bloomberg News.

Credits: REUTERS

Spotify is reportedly considering the integration of full-length music videos into its app, a move that could enhance its competitive position against TikTok and Alphabet Inc's YouTube. According to sources familiar with the matter, the news was reported by Bloomberg on Friday.

While Spotify has not yet responded to a Reuters request for comment, the platform already allows artists to upload looping GIFs, which play alongside music tracks. Currently, Spotify offers over 100,000 podcasts with accompanying videos and discussions with potential partners for the new feature have commenced.

The primary objective behind this initiative is to capture the attention of Gen Z users and divert them from YouTube and TikTok's short-form video platforms. Notably, YouTube already operates a dedicated music streaming service, YouTube Music, which includes a vast library of music videos.

In recent news, Spotify announced plans to reduce its podcast unit's workforce by 200 employees as part of a restructuring effort. These layoffs come after years of substantial investments by the company.

  • Spotify is exploring the addition of full-length music videos to its app.

  • The move aims to compete with TikTok and YouTube's video platforms.

  • The platform already supports looping GIFs and over 100,000 podcasts with videos.

  • Discussions with potential partners for the new feature are underway.

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