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Spain's Acciona Introduces Swappable Battery Electric Vehicle

Acciona introduces NanoCar Silence S04, a swappable battery electric vehicle. Subscription-based battery exchange service offers affordability and convenience. NanoCar Silence S04 can be charged using domestic sockets.


This innovative vehicle is designed to tackle two major obstacles that have hindered the widespread adoption of electric cars: price and driving range. Acciona's subscription-based battery replacement service promises to make electric vehicles more economical and convenient for consumers.

The NanoCar Silence S04 is a tiny electric vehicle built primarily for city driving. It can seat two people and comes with one or two lithium-ion batteries. Rather than owning the batteries, drivers will pay a monthly charge to use a network of dedicated battery exchange facilities. These stations will be strategically placed in petrol stations, malls, flagship stores and parking lots, allowing cars to easily replace depleted batteries with fully charged ones.

In addition to the battery exchange service, the NanoCar Silence S04 can be charged via domestic outlets. A complete charge takes about eight hours, offering drivers an additional charging option.

While swappable automobile batteries are still uncommon in the electric vehicle market, Acciona believes that this technology will alleviate concerns regarding battery range. Carlos Sotelo, the CEO of Acciona's mobility division, indicated that there are presently approximately 140 battery stations in Spain, with ambitions to grow that number to more than 200 by the end of the year.

One of the primary benefits of selling the vehicle without a battery is its affordability. According to Acciona Chairman Jose Manuel Entrecanales, the NanoCar Silence S04 will cost less than 7,000 euros ($7,582) when purchased on a subscription basis, after state subsidies and tax reductions. Purchasing the battery separately will increase the price by a few thousand euros.

Entrecanales voiced optimism about the NanoCar's commercial potential, noting, "There are already small electric vehicles, but I believe the NanoCar will be the most affordable on the market due to its removable battery." However, he recognised that the car would have to sell in large numbers to be successful.

The NanoCar Silence S04 will be manufactured at Acciona's Barcelona facilities, which have the potential to produce up to 20,000 automobiles annually. Acciona has teamed with Nissan to introduce the vehicle in Italy and France, expanding its market reach. The company also intends to reach other European markets, including Germany, beginning in September.

  • Acciona introduces NanoCar Silence S04, a swappable battery electric vehicle

  • Subscription-based battery exchange service offers affordability and convenience

  • NanoCar Silence S04 can be charged using domestic sockets


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