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  • Kyle Chua

Sony Reportedly Slashing PS VR2 Production Targets As Sales Disappoint

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) isn't selling as well as Sony thought it would.

Credit: Sony

According to reputable tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Japanese electronics giant is slashing its planned production targets of the virtual reality headset for 2023 by as much as 20%.

The reduced production output is likely the result of the less-than-stellar debut of the optional peripheral for the PS5 in late February. Citing data from marketing intelligence group IDC, Bloomberg reported in March that Sony only managed to move around 270,000 units between the device's 22 February launch and the end of March. Sony reportedly planned to make about two million units during that launch window.

"There is currently insufficient evidence to suggest that AR/VR headsets can become the next star product in consumer electronics in the foreseeable future," said Kuo. "The current market consensus may overestimate AR/VR headset devices’ contribution to key component suppliers over the next few years, particularly in the optical-related."

IDC Vice President of Data and Analytics Francisco Jeronimo also suggests Sony might have to cut the price of the PS VR2 to boost sales and "avoid a complete disaster".

Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

However, those hoping to soon score a discount on the new PlayStation product probably shouldn't get their hopes up yet. As Tom's Guide points out, Sony has refuted previous reports about it slashing PS VR2 sales, which hints that Kuo and IDC's projections and figures aren't wholly accurate – or perhaps don't paint the entire picture. Also, calling the device a "failure" might seem premature at this point as it's only been out for around two months.

If Sony stays true to its word that it'll continue to support the device and release more games for it, then there's a chance that sales could pick up in the future.

The standard release of the PS VR2 retails for S$869, while the one that comes bundled with the first-party game Horizon Call of the Mountain retails for S$939.

  • Sony is reportedly slashing its planned production targets of the virtual reality headset for 2023 by as much as 20%.

  • The reduced production output is likely the result of the device only selling around 270,000 units between its 22 February launch and the end of March versus the two million units Sony was initially planning to produce for this period.

  • An IDC executive recommends Sony cut the price of the device to "avoid a complete disaster".

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