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Sony Inzone H9 Review: Okay For PC, Better For PS5

It’s been awhile since we’ve really taken a look at a gaming headset on this channel and what better than to take a look at the Sony Inzone H9. Right off the bat, you can instantly tell that this is really meant to complement the PS5 but it’s usable on PC as well. Though we would say that after testing this for about 2 months now, it’s really meant more for the PS5 than the PC.

If you’ve yet to really hear what Inzone is all about, it’s basically Sony’s newest arm of products that’s targeted towards gamers in mind. For a start, there are just monitors and headsets to choose from and this, the Inzone H9 is the current flagship audio offering.

Let’s start with the design.


Unironically, the design theme that’s going around for the entire Inzone series is meant to complement the PS5.