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Sony FX30 Review: Professional Capabilities Without Breaking The Bank

The camera we're taking a look at today focuses on filmmaking, and we're not talking about a camera that can only do basic video functions. We're talking about real filmmaking tools, and a camera that is focused primarily on video. Best of all, it's an entry-level camera, so if you're thinking of starting out in videography or filmmaking, this review of the Sony FX30 is for you.

If you think that we're reviewing an FX3 instead of the FX30, we wouldn't blame you. In a lot of ways, the two cameras do share a lot of similarities in terms of design. We don't have confirmation from Sony, but we think the body of the FX30 is pretty much the same as the FX3. The only way to really tell them apart would be the logo at the top as well as the sensor size.