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  • Kyle Chua

Singtel Announces New Super Stacker Sharing Bundle

Singtel wants you to be able to avail of the services you need while enjoying greater cost savings, with the introduction of a new customisable bundle.

Credit: Singtel

Dubbed the Super Stacker, the bundle consists of a Mobile Stack, Protect Stack, Broadband Stack and Entertainment Stack, bringing together mobile data, talk time and other services for sharing. It lets you enjoy up to 30% savings across your telco bill.

To build your bundle, you start with a 5G mobile line as your base. From there, you can start pooling the services you need by adding the different stacks.

The Mobile Stack and the XO Plus 92 or Sim Only Plus 55 & above 5G plan lets you avail of two additional 5G lines and unlock double the data, talk time and SMS messages, which you can share with your friends or family. The stack also gives you a free one-year Singtel Red membership with priority invitations for phone launches, an $80 device voucher and curated perks from over 100 dining, wellness and lifestyle merchants. What's more, if you opt for the XO Plus 92 & above plan, you'll get an extra $100 device voucher. The Mobile Stack with two lines is priced at S$29.90 per month.

Meanwhile, the Protect Stack lets you, as the name suggests, protect your devices from accidental damage, theft or malfunctions. You get the newly launched MobileSwop Family for three devices, granting you unlimited repairs, swops and tech support. You can also get an additional $150 device voucher when you sign up for the stack at launch. The Protect Stack is priced at S$20 per month.

The Broadband Stack allows you to enjoy Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. The stack gets you an additional free Wi-Fi 6 mesh (worth $10.09 per month) with all eligible broadband plans. You can choose from:

  • 1Gbps Wi-Fi 6 Plan for $53.40 per month

  • 2Gbps Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Plan for $73.58 per month

  • 2Gbps Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Plus Plan for $83.68 per month, which includes a Linksys E9450 AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 Router

Lastly, the Entertainment Stack lets you select from a variety of apps on You also receive a second music or news app for free for six months (with no contract). The apps you can choose from include:

  1. Sports Plus for $20.09 per month

  2. HBO GO for $14.12 per month

  3. Viu Premium for $7.98 per month

  4. iQIYI Standard for $6.98 per month

  5. TVBAnywhere+ VOD Zone for $5.02 per month

  6. TVBAnywhere+ Channel Zone for $5.02 per month

If you're a re-contracting subscriber with an eligible 5G XO Plus or SIM Only Plus mobile plan, you can simply:

  1. Add the Mobile Stack for S$29.90/month, giving you two extra 5G mobile lines and double the data, SMS and talk time, which you can share with up to three other users

  2. Choose a Protect, Broadband or Entertainment Stack to go with it.

Credit: Singtel

Singtel said it came up with the new bundle after observing that today's households use and consume data across multiple devices instead of just one.

“In an increasingly hyper-connected world, consumers are going more digital, adopting a multi-play lifestyle that involves multiple products and services from mobile, online streaming and applications to broadband," said Ms Diana Chen, Managing Director, Customer Value of Singtel. "With this new bundle, customers pay for what they want and can combine their services as an individual or as a group to enjoy extra value to share."

  • Singtel has launched the Super Stacker bundle, which consists of a Mobile Stack, Protect Stack, Broadband Stack and Entertainment Stack, bringing together mobile data, talk time and other services for sharing.

  • Some of the benefits you can choose from include protection for your mobile devices, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and entertainment apps from, among others.

  • Your bundle starts with a 5G mobile line as the base, which you can then add more benefits to.

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