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  • Cheryl Tan

Samsung TV for the iGens | CES 2020

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Just when you think we have pushed the limits of the TV form factor, Samsung shocks us all with the Samsung Sero. The one-of-a-kind Samsung Sero automatically changes the orientation of the TV, pivoting from landscape to portrait mode depending on what you’re watching.

Sounds like a smartphone? Well, it is inspired by today’s viewing habits, specifically Gen Z’s media consumption patterns on their smartphones.

Just a tap of your phone on the Sero TV links the devices seamlessly, giving you the optimal viewing option for whatever it is you’re watching on your smartphone. A pretty decent 4.1 speaker system is hidden in the elevated stand which will allow clearance for the screen when it flips into portrait mode. It will only be available in a 47″ QLED 4K option and may cost around US$1,600.

Samsung says the Sero is a TV that responds to the changing needs of today’s world.

Samsung’s 2020 QLED 8K lineup includes the Q950 with its virtual disappearing bezel, creating an infinity screen. A display so big, it has a screen to body ratio of 99%. The feature-packed Q950 range comes in a minimum size of 65″, 75″ and the largest at 85″. With such large screens and an unnoticeable 2mm bezel, it will offer an unprecedented viewing experience.

The speakers are built into each of the four edges and will deliver Samsung’s new Object Tracking Sound system, where the sound from the object will appear exactly at the position on the screen.

AI quantum processor 8K lets the TV upscale even old home videos, with AI identifying unique features of an object and restoring the image for a better viewing experience. AI also optimises the screen to both ambient conditions and individual images.

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