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Samsung HW-Q990B 11.1.4 Soundbar Review: Mind-blowingly Good!

We have the Samsung HW-Q990B 11.1.4 channel soundbar system with us today, and if you’re looking for a really good sound system for your home, this might be a pretty decent choice.

Now, a disclaimer. This really is the most ideal soundbar to consider if you’re planning on overhauling your entire home entertainment setup, from the TV to the speakers, and if you’re looking at Samsung, that is, because there’s a very cool feature here that only works with selected 2022 Samsung TVs and that’s the ability to go completely wireless and still get Dolby Atmos on this soundbar. But more on that later.

Let’s talk design first. The soundbar is pretty wide at around 1.2-ish meters, so I would say that in order to not let it look unproportionate, you would probably have to get a TV that’s around 60 to 80 inches. This 2022 Samsung TV that we have it paired with is 75 inches and it’s a pretty decent size pairing.

You might be a bit shocked at the S$2,399 or around US$1,999 price tag, but keep in mind it does come with an 8-inch wireless subwoofer as well as two rear wireless speakers. Again, placement is important because these are individually powered, so wherever you place them, you will need a power socket or two. Thankfully, Samsung did provide speaker stands for our review, but the speaker stands do not come with the soundbar so they need to be purchased individually.