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Samsung Files Lawsuit Against BOE Technology for Patent Infringement on iPhone 12 Displays

South Korea's Samsung Display has taken legal action against Chinese rival BOE Technology for patent violation on OLED displays used in Apple's iPhone 12.

Credits: REUTERS

Samsung Display has filed a lawsuit against BOE Technology, accusing the Chinese company of infringing five of its patents for displays used in mobile devices, including Apple's iPhone 12. The lawsuit, filed in a Texas court known for speedy hearings and decisions, seeks damages for the patent infringement related to organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays supplied by BOE. Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is also seeking an injunction to stop the import and sale of the affected displays.

Apple has embraced OLED displays for its Apple Watch and iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 14, citing their high resolution and thinner form factor compared to traditional displays.

According to market researcher Omdia, Samsung Display currently dominates the OLED display market, with BOE making strides and surpassing South Korea's LG Display to become the second-largest player last year.

The lawsuit states that Samsung Display has suffered and will continue to suffer irreparable harm due to the infringement of its '599 Patent,' which enhances device image quality. The company believes that only an injunction from the court can provide an adequate remedy.

In December, Samsung Display filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission, alleging patent infringement by multiple companies selling OLED screens as replacement displays for mobile devices. This triggered an investigation by the agency.

Both Samsung and Apple have yet to comment on the recent lawsuit.

  • Samsung Display sues BOE Technology over patent infringement on iPhone 12 displays.

  • Samsung seeks damages and an injunction to halt import and sale of affected displays.

  • Apple uses OLED displays in Apple Watch and iPhone models for high resolution and thin design.

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