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  • Cheryl Tan

Samsung CES 2021 First Look: 110-Inch MicroLED TVs Going On Sale This Year

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Samsung is kicking CES 2021 off ahead of the 11 January event with their First Look event. Samsung has previously showcased some incredible tech, like 146-inch and 292-inch modular MicroLED displays, but this year, a more accessible 110-inch model will finally be available. Let’s take a look at Samsung’s announcements during this First Look event.

1. Neo QLED technology + TV lineup

Samsung Neo QLED TV

Credit: Samsung

Samsung claims the just-announced Neo QLED technology is on a whole new level thanks to the new Quantum Mini LED light source, which is just 1/40 the height of a regular LED.

Rather than use a lens to disperse light and a package to hold the LED in place, the Quantum Mini LED has microlayers so that the screen can be filled with more LEDs. Neo QLED TVs will be powered by Samsung’s new proprietary Neo Quantum Processor and boast features like Object Tracking Sound Pro where the sound will correlate to the movement of objects on screen, AI upscaling up to 8K as well as SpaceFit Sound, where the TV will analyse the physical environment around the TV and adjust the sound to fit the space.

More than just that though, TV models in Samsung’s Neo QLED 2021 lineup will work seamlessly with Samsung Health and a new Smart Trainer software that will track and analyse posture for a report at the end of the workout. The TVs will also offer ultrawide 32:9 aspect ratio for gamers, PC on TV where you can connect to a computer to continue working and more.

2. MicroLED TV

Samsung MicroLED TV

Credit: Samsung

Samsung first showcased the jaw-dropping prototype of the MicroLED display, The Wall, back in 2018, but at 146-inches then, it was a bit too big to fit into most homes, not to mention the prohibitive cost of having to get individual panels professionally installed to make up the huge display. Well, Samsung will be offering preassembled 110-inch, 99-inch and other smaller sizes by the end of the year.

With such a big screen, you might feel it’s a bit of a waste to just have one source playing. Well, there’s the 4Vue (Read: Quad View) feature where you have four different content sources playing simultaneously on one screen. There’s no need to argue over who gets the TV now!

3. The Frame 2021

Samsung The Frame

Credit: Samsung

Launched in 2017, The Frame was an incredibly innovative idea from Samsung. A TV that could double up as art when not in use, it definitely solved the issue of people who didn’t have that much space on their walls.

Samsung has taken it even further with the 2021 version of The Frame. The TV is now half as thin as the original iteration, which makes it seem even more like a picture frame on the wall now. In addition, there are five new frame colours to choose from and with a subscription to the all-new Art Store, over 1,400 pieces of art can be selected to be displayed.

With over one million units of The Frame sold since 2017, it’s proof that there definitely is a market for home appliances that can double up as art.

4. Going Green

Samsung has also pledged to “go green” with their televisions, by introducing eco-packaging to most of their televisions. Additionally, remote controls will now be solar-powered, which can be recharged via indoor light, outdoor light or through a USB connection.

The brand will also seek to decrease the overall carbon footprint in TV manufacturing. As a result, Samsung estimates that their efforts will result in up to 20,000 tons of corrugated boxes that can be upcycled, as well as prevent waste from a projected 99 million AAA batteries over seven years.


This isn’t all that Samsung is announcing at CES 2021 though, with another press conference scheduled for 11 January. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more innovations!

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