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Samsung Announces World's First 200MP Camera Sensor For Phones

Samsung recently announced the ISOCELL HP1, the world's first 200-megapixel (MP) image sensor intended for smartphone cameras and the highest resolution phone camera sensor ever created. With the ISOCELL HP1, images can hold a massive amount of detail that can keep pictures sharp even when cropped or resized.

Credit: Samsung

The ISOCELL HP1 has 0.64μm pixels and can merge 16 of them simultaneously to transform into a 12.5MP image sensor with 2.56μm pixels. This pixel-binning technology is called "ChameleonCell".

The four-by-four 12.5MP setting is intended for low-light photography but it is also suitable for capturing full 200MP resolution photos. The sensor can use a two-by-two binning technique for 50MP images as well.

Credit: Samsung

With the two-by-two binning technology, the ISOCELL HP1 can record 8K videos at 30 frames per second, minimising loss in the field of view. The sensor does this by binning four neighbouring pixels to bring the resolution down to 50MP or 8,192 x 6,144, allowing the ISOCELL HP1 to take 8K videos without needing to crop or scale down the image.

Duckhyun Chang, Executive Vice President of Sensor Business, stated that the ISOCELL HP1 and the ISOCELL GN5 are a part of Samsung's efforts to innovate mobile imaging technologies.

"Samsung has been pioneering ultrafine pixel technologies that are taking high-resolution image sensors to the next level. With the ISOCELL HP1 that is breaking barriers and ISOCELL GN5 bringing ultrafast autofocus, Samsung will continue to lead the trend for next-generation mobile imaging technologies," said Chang in a statement.

Credit: Samsung

Samsung also introduced the ISOCELL GN5, the industry's first 1.0μm pixel image sensor that can integrate an all-directional autofocusing technology called Dual Pixel Pro, significantly improving autofocusing capabilities. As a million phase-detecting multi-directional photodiodes cover the entire sensor, the ISOCELL GN5's autofocusing works instantaneously, enabling sharper images in bright or low-lit conditions.

The sensor is able to optimise autofocusing performance and picture quality with Front Deep Trench Isolation, a proprietary Samsung Technology that lets each photodiode absorb and hold more light information. As a result, the photodiodes' full-well capacity is increased and crosstalk within the pixel is decreased.

While these sensors aren't in any existing phones at the moment, there are samples available, which means we could easily see these in upcoming phones.


Written by Sophia Lopez


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