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ROG Azoth Review: 2,000 Hours Of Battery Life

Custom keyboards are quite a big trend nowadays and I myself am pretty deep into this rabbit hole. The most amazing thing however is that what started as a niche hobby has now grown so large that huge companies are taking notice. This is the ROG Azoth and as you can tell, it has the more unique 75% layout complete with an OLED display in the corner, it also features hot-swappable switches, 2.4GHZ wireless and other great things like a gasket mount design, dampening foam and much much more. This is honestly pretty exciting.

Okay so first up, I might be in this custom keyboard rabbit hole and some of you might be here with me as well but most of you aren’t. So what exactly is a 75% layout?

The 75% Layout

To keep it very simple, a 75% layout is basically taking a TKL layout and removing the home cluster of keys and squeezing the layout ever so slightly. So you still get a dedicated arrow cluster and you still have access to your entire F-row while enjoying the much more compact form factor to allow more space for your own mouse and ultimately, a much better ergonomic posture.