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Razer's Hacked Database, Source Code, Currency Encryption Key Selling for $100K

Razer responds to claims of a potential breach after a hacker offers to sell Razer's database and source code on a hackers forum.

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The company takes the matter seriously and assures customers of ongoing investigations to ensure digital safety and security.

Razer, the renowned gaming brand, is currently investigating a possible security breach that may have affected its Razer Gold digital currency. The alarm was first raised on Twitter by, which reported a user's claim on a hackers forum regarding the sale of Razer's database, source code and encryption key. Although the authenticity of the claim remains unverified, it is worth noting that Razer experienced a data leak in 2020 when over 100,000 accounts were accidentally exposed.

According to, the hacker demands $100,000 in Monero, a cryptocurrency that ensures complete anonymity for its users. Unlike mainstream cryptocurrencies that can be traced, Monero employs advanced technologies to protect user privacy. While transparency in digital transactions has its merits, it also presents opportunities for extortionists and criminals to exploit.

In response to the tweet, Razer acknowledged being alerted to a potential breach and has commenced a thorough investigation. Razer Gold, a digital wallet and virtual currency, allows dedicated Razer enthusiasts to purchase games and other products. Transactions made with Razer Gold also earn users Razer Silver, a separate rewards program currency that can be redeemed for various Razer merchandise. The extent of the potential compromise and its impact on individual users remains unclear.

At present, Razer has yet to confirm the occurrence of a breach, but the company is treating the matter seriously. Razer issued a statement to Polygon, stating, "We were made aware of a potential hack on July 9, 2023, affecting Razer Gold. Our team promptly conducted a comprehensive review of all Razer websites and implemented necessary measures to secure our platforms."

Razer continues to investigate the incident and is committed to ensuring the digital safety and security of all its customers. Once the investigations conclude, Razer intends to report the matter to the relevant authorities.

Additional information regarding the alleged hack is being sought from Razer and further updates will be provided upon receipt of a response. In the meantime, it is advisable for Razer account holders to exercise caution and consider changing their passwords as a precautionary measure.

  • Razer is investigating a potential hack that may have impacted its Razer Gold digital currency.

  • Claims of a breach were reported on Twitter, stating a hacker's attempt to sell Razer's database and source code.

  • The hacker is demanding $100,000 in Monero, a cryptocurrency that ensures user privacy.


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