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Razer's Hacked Database, Source Code, Currency Encryption Key Selling for $100K

Updated: Jan 2

[Edited] Razer, the popular gaming hardware manufacturer, is currently investigating a potential breach of its systems after a hacker claimed to have access to sensitive information.

Credit: Getty Images

The hacker, who posted on a hackers forum, offered to sell "encryption keys, database, backend access logins" and more for a hefty sum of $100,000.

The authenticity of the claim has not been verified, but it is worth noting that Razer experienced a data leak in 2020, where over 100,000 accounts were accidentally exposed. This incident raises concerns about the security of Razer's systems and the potential impact on its users.

The hacker is demanding payment in Monero, a cryptocurrency known for its anonymity. While most mainstream cryptocurrencies can be traced, Monero uses advanced technologies to ensure user privacy. This makes it an attractive choice for criminals and extortionists.

In response to the hacker's claim, Razer released a statement acknowledging the potential breach and confirming that they are actively investigating the matter. The company stated, "We were alerted to a potential hack on July 9, 2023, impacting Razer Gold. Upon learning about the breach, the team immediately conducted a thorough review of all Razer's websites and have taken all necessary steps to secure our platforms."

Razer Gold is a digital wallet and virtual currency used by Razer enthusiasts to purchase games and other products. It also offers a rewards program called Razer Silver, which can be redeemed for various Razer merchandise.

The extent of the potential breach and its impact on individual users is still unclear. As of now, Razer has not confirmed whether a breach has occurred. However, the company is taking the situation seriously and is committed to ensuring the digital safety and security of its customers. Once the investigations are concluded, Razer plans to report the matter to the relevant authorities.

In light of this potential breach, it is advisable for Razer account holders to change their passwords as a precautionary measure. This will help protect their accounts and personal information from any unauthorized access.

  • Razer is investigating a potential breach of its systems after a hacker claims to have sensitive data for sale.

  • The hacker is demanding $100,000 in Monero for the data.

  • Razer is actively investigating the potential breach and taking steps to secure its platforms.


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