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Razer Enki Gaming Chair Review: It Strikes A Nice Balance

This chair looks downright striking and we're really loving the green accents throughout the entire chair. If you're familiar with gaming products in general, we're pretty sure you can immediately tell that this is a Razer gaming product. With loads of customizability to conform to your stature and a good support between balance and comfort, let's take a closer look at the Razer Enki gaming chair.

So we've tried it out for approximately a month now and with that in mind, we can safely say that the Enki is legitimately one of the better supported gaming chairs out there in the market at the moment. Just taking a look at it, the overall design is very similar to many other gaming chairs out there and that's pretty unsurprising in the least. It still adopts a race car bucket seat design and is decked out with accents that's really typical of a gaming company. On that note, a particular point that stands out in terms of the aesthetics would be the small slit near the top, which kind of separates the headrest from the main body.

Does it server any purpose? Not really. But does it look cool? Absolutely.