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  • Mikhail Ow

Proof That Full-Fledged PCs Can Roam The Home, Even If Its Battery Doesn't Last Long

Updated: Jun 6

The HP Envy Move aims to step-up the all-in-one desktop category with its portable design. Measuring just 14.4 x 21.7 x 5.9 inches and weighing 9 pounds, the Envy Move is lightweight enough to be picked up and moved around the home thanks to its sturdy carrying handle. While all-in-ones are typically stationary desktop computers, the Envy Move brings the power of a PC to any room.

Credits : HP


The Envy Move has a minimalistic, elegant design that would fit seamlessly into any home environment. The all-white plastic chassis gives it a clean, sophisticated look. What's most notable is how HP has engineered the Envy Move to be portable. At only 9 pounds, it feels lightweight yet sturdy thanks to its balanced weight distribution. The inclusion of a sturdy carrying handle makes transporting it between rooms hassle-free. When the handle is pulled out, small magnetic feet automatically extend from the bottom panel to prevent the unit from sliding around surfaces.

Credits : HP

I noticed that it uses a variety of materials in its construction. The carrying handle features a soft leather grip on the connecting portion, providing a comfortable surface for transporting the system. On the rear of the display, there is also a netted pocket designed to hold the included wireless keyboard and an integrated camera that comes with a switch to cover it when not in use. At just 5.85 inches thin, the Envy Move has an impressively compact form factor for an all-in-one desktop. Its thin profile allows it to fit into tight spaces without taking up much room.


At the center of the Envy Move is its vibrant 23.8-inch touchscreen display. It sports a QHD resolution of 2560x1440 pixels for sharp images and text. Colour accuracy is top-notch as well, with the panel covering 100% of the sRGB colour gamut. Brightness measures a decent 300 nits, making the screen easily viewable even in well-lit rooms.


Under the hood, the Envy Move packs capable components that deliver a smooth performance. The base model comes equipped with an Intel® Core™ i5-1335U, 16GB of Memory and a 512GB SSD. It holds more than enough processing power and memory for general use cases like web browsing with many tabs open, video calls, and more. Running AAA games is not really possible on this version that we have and you will experience a drop in frame rate, but it is definitely more than sufficient to be used as a main portable work device

Credits : HP

The Envy Move's integrated 2-watt speakers are below the display and they definitely deliver clear and balanced sound without distortion at higher volumes. While bass response is decent for a system this size, audio quality lacks richness compared to other dedicated external speakers. Bluetooth and audio jack connectivity are convenient for upgrading to headphones or wireless speakers, as preferred.

Connectivity & Battery Life

For traditional USB devices, one USB Type-A port and one USB Type-C are situated on the left, with both having a 10Gbps signalling rate. While on the right, a full-sized HDMI output is also included to connect to larger secondary monitors when extra screen real estate is needed.

For wireless connectivity, the Envy Move relies on Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 for connecting peripherals and mobile devices. During testing, wireless performance was reliable with no noticeable delay. Keyboard latency was also pretty good. Battery life is rated at a modest four hours, which is a little underwhelming compared to other laptops. I honestly wish the battery life was longer as this would increase portability within your own home, as I'm sure many other users like myself might not always have a power outlet to plug it in. Four hours is really pushing the limits of what most users can reasonably get done on a single charge during a work/study session away from an outlet.

Availability & Conclusion

The HP Envy Move starts at SGD1899 and it is currently available for purchase in Singapore online. The HP Envy Move is an intriguing option for families, students, or remote workers looking for a full-fledged desktop PC experience that doesn't tie you to one location. Of course, upgrades are also available, which you would be able to avail when purchasing, though they come at different costs. While it’s not the most powerful system, the Envy Move’s portability makes it stand out in the all-in-one category by bringing desktop functionality on-the-go within the home.

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