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POCO F4 GT Review : Underpriced Or Undervalued?

Creating value out of thin air may seem impossible for hungry go-getters of the smartphone industry. Especially in an era of periscope cameras, foldable screens, and so on – you might think we're all just made to believe these flagships are worth the premium price of ingenuity, no? Take a look at this POCO F4 GT. It has a 6.67 inch 120Hz display, shoots 4K60 video, runs on Android 12, AND it has the latest snapdragon 8 Gen 1. What if we said it also has quad speakers? What if we said all of this is priced under RM3,000? Well hold on to your wallets if we've got your attention and if first-person-shooter gaming is right up your alley, because this POCO F4 GT might be the phone you've been waiting for.

There's no hiding about here. Taking a first glance at this phone assures itself firmly as a gaming phone with a flushed aluminium finish, sharp gamer-themed angular accents in this silver colour way, the RGB X-Factor gaming light around the camera module and a thoughtful lightning shaped cutout housing the dual LED flash. The 6.67inch display at the front has a very welcoming presence with thin bezels and just has that symmetrical look all round. On the sides sits the very well placed and highly responsive fingerprint sensor, very large speaker cutouts on both the top and bottom, and the physical magnetic pop-up gaming triggers – which uses elastic silicon material for a lighter hand feel and is said that the eight magnets inside this construction are aimed to provide gamers faster feedback and lower latency for a smoother experience. If that doesn't keep you entertained, the 6.67 inch AMOLED somehow will, promising over 1 billion colours, 395 ppi and 10 times higher in responsive control accuracy with refresh rates of up to 120Hz and up to 480Hz touch sampling rate. While it may not sum up to the likes of a Galaxy S22 Ultra screen, The 800 nits peak brightness can still get glaringly bright till we felt that dark mode was necessary at times yet still exceeds responsiveness which feels just a tad bit ahead from the S22 Ultra. It also supports every gamers necessity of a flat-edged display to minimise those accidental touches as this phone is relatively large measuring 162.5 x 76.7mm and can be quite a handful for users with smaller hands.

An equal pairing to the immersive experience is its quad speakers that are also symmetrical and strategically placed for when using the triggers to avoid blocking the speaker cutouts, supports Dolby Atmos and there's words of it being tu