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  • Cheryl Tan

Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua Review: Vacuum And Mop At The Same Time To Save Time

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Philips launched their SpeedPro Max vacuum in 2018 to much acclaim, with a runtime of around 60 minutes and overall great performance. Now in 2019, they’ve looked to make floor care even more convenient with the new Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua (SG$799).

Building on the foundations of the SpeedPro Max, the new SpeedPro Max Aqua’s biggest feature is the inclusion of a vacuum and mop attachment that allows users to save time by doing both at the same time.

The mop attachment removes the need for users to fill up a heavy bucket of water, carry it around and wring out the mop before starting to wipe the floor. By providing a controlled release of water from the built-in tank to the microfiber pad on the bottom, users are able to immediately start mopping once they fill the tank.

I did find the normal water release a bit too slow for my liking, with only a slight trace of moisture on the floor after I ran the mop attachment over it. But thankfully, Philips included an AquaBoost pedal on the attachment, with a faster water release so that users can tackle tough stains or areas with additional water. Detergent can even be mixed into the water tank to provide a more thorough cleaning.

The 360 degree suction nozzle has been retained from the SpeedPro Max, but I found that the suction power on the side, while present, wasn’t all that strong. Better results can be seen with lightweight dust and dirt, but large debris were more easily picked up by the normal back and forth motion. The swivel of the nozzle was smooth though, and didn’t take as much effort to clear a large room.

I found that the unique design of the SpeedPro Max Aqua was immensely helpful in vacuuming hard-to-reach places. Because the entire mechanism is above the stick, it can go almost parallel to the floor, thus allowing the user to reach under a couch or bed in the house.

Using the built-in brush on the main pole, users can also reach higher places like ceiling fans or above cupboards and tall appliances. Couple that with a 75 minute estimated run time if you don’t run it on the Turbo mode constantly, and the vacuum should be able to give most HDB apartments a once-over before it requires a recharge.

Philips has mentioned that convenience and speed are the main driving reasons behind inventing the SpeedPro Max and SpeedPro Max Aqua, and it’s clearly visible. From the easily connectable attachments, the ability to vacuum and mop at the same time and the extended runtime, this vacuum definitely cuts down on time spent doing household chores, allowing users more time to rest or spend with their family.

The SpeedPro Max Aqua is available at the Philips online store, TANGS, COURTS and BEST DENKI.

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