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  • Cheryl Tan

Parking Hands-Free with the BMW X7, Their Largest SAV Car: 5 Ways To Drive Efficiently and Safely

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Ever worried about not driving or parking safely when you’re tired, or just distracted? Here are some safety features in the BMW X7 that will make you a safer driver overall.

1. Lane Departure Warning

If you’re tired and you’re not paying as much attention to the road, you might find yourself inching out of your lane at times. BMW curbs that with their lane departure warning system that pulls you back to the centre of the lane, but it only kicks in when you’re travelling above 70km/h and aren’t signalling to change lanes.

2. Lane Change Warning

Worried about not being able to see incoming cars in your blind spots? BMW takes care of that with their lane change warning. If you’re looking to switch lanes but there’s a car in your blind spot that you can’t see, there’ll be a flashing triangle on the glass of your side-view mirrors to warn you before you start switching lanes.

3. Parking Assistant

Parking! The bane of many people’s lives. If you’re worried about damaging your car by parking while you’re not 100% attentive, BMW has you covered with their parking assistant.

There’s a few things to take note of however, and the first is that the parking lot must be well marked out. Second is that there has to be obstacles like other parked cars, trees and the likes, since it’s a parking assistant after all.

4. Front Collision Warning

Sometimes people run across roads, or a car swerves into your lane without warning. BMW’s front collision warning feature with brake intervention will help keep you safe on the roads.

If the car detects an oncoming collision, you’ll get a warning on the screen. If you don’t react in time, the brake intervention system will kick in and brake from between 5km/h to 85km/h for vehicles, and 5km/h to 65km/h for people and cyclists.

That reduces the impact speed and thus, makes any unavoidable incidents less severe.

5. Reversing Assistant

If you find yourself in a dead-end alley, you might be groaning at needing to do a couple of three-point turns to get out. Well, that won’t be necessary with BMW’s reversing assistant.

All you have to do is put the car in reverse, step on the pedal lightly and let the car do the work to bring you back to where you started by reversing all movements from the last 50 meters.


So that’s about it for the safety features that BMW provides for the X7. What do you think will be most helpful for you?

This video is brought to you in partnership with BMW.

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