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Over 50,000 Customers at Risk After Latest StarHub Data Breach Incident

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

57,191 StarHub individual customers are now at risk of being victims of cybercrime after someone illegally uploaded their personal information on a third-party data dump website in July 2021.

Credit: StarHub

StarHub recently announced that its cybersecurity team discovered the file in question on 6 July 2021, during a proactive online surveillance. The data, which appears to be 14 years old, is made of the affected customers' identity card numbers, mobile numbers and email addresses.

The uploaded data does not contain the affected customers' credit card or bank account information. Furthermore, the company said that the data breach did not compromise its customer database and information systems. It also added that the uploaded data has not been maliciously misused so far.

Nikhil Eapen, StarHub's Chief Executive Officer, apologised for the incident and the subsequent concern it may be causing on the company's affected customers. He then promised that the company will be transparent with its investigation and will keep customers updated, as well as assuring them that "data security and customer privacy are serious matters for [the company]."

Nikhil Eapen, StarHub's Chief Executive Officer since 1 January 2021

Credit: StarHub

True to Eapen's words, the company will be notifying the affected customers via email within the next 14 days, which will come along with a six-month complimentary credit monitoring service offer through Credit Bureau Singapore as assistance to safeguard their identity and personal information. The company encourages affected customers to take the offer even though their data has yet to be illegally misused.

StarHub is currently working closely with cybersecurity experts and relevant authorities on the matter. Eapen, meanwhile, assured customers that StarHub will continue to take all protective measures to ensure their personal information is safe and are currently reviewing its current protection measures to further improve the company's cybersecurity.


Written by John Paul Joaquin

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