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Oppo Pad Air Review: If You Want Android!

If you are in the market for a tablet, there is little of an option or consideration you need to ponder over. Suppose you like the best of the best and have no preference in terms of brands. In that case, most people will usually go for an iPad, or if you are one of the few people who can work around the Huawei ecosystem, then you may consider the MatePad. But for the rest of you looking for an Android option, well, until the new Pixel tablet hits the shelves, there's the Oppo Pad Air, an affordable Android-based tablet on which you can consume your favourite shows, do a little bit of light work and...runs Android!


Despite being priced at just under S$400, the Pad Air sports a lightweight metal design that doesn't feel cheap. Similar to earlier Pixel phones, the back also has this cool-looking two-toned finish, with the top part having this sand-dune-like texture and the rest being your normal sand-blasted matte surface which makes the tablet very comfortable to grip