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Oppo Launches Find N3 Foldable Phone to Compete with Google and Samsung

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Oppo, the Chinese smartphone maker, is making a bold move into overseas markets with the launch of its Find N3 foldable phone.

OPPO Find N3 Flip
Credits: OPPO

The company aims to tap into the growing demand for high-end handsets in a shrinking smartphone market.

The Find N3 features a large 7.8-inch inner screen and an enhanced hinge that can withstand one million folds. It also incorporates Oppo's ultra-premium camera system, a first for a foldable phone. Priced at S$2,399 (US$1,750), the Find N3 is set to take on competitors like Samsung's Galaxy Fold 5 and Google's Pixel Fold.

Oppo's overseas chief marketing officer, Elvis Zhou, believes that foldable phones are a significant growth engine for the future of the smartphone industry. While the volume of foldable handsets is still relatively small compared to the overall market, their popularity among high-end consumers makes them commercially valuable. According to Counterpoint Research data, global shipments of foldable handsets increased by 64% in the first quarter of this year, while the overall smartphone market declined by 14.2%.

In China, Oppo faces tough competition from Huawei Technologies, which recently unveiled its foldable Mate X5. However, Oppo has managed to secure a strong position in the Chinese foldable market, ranking second with a 27% market share. The success of Oppo's Find N2 series, released in late 2022, contributed to its growth in the foldable market. Oppo's commitment to Europe remains strong, despite a recent patent dispute with Nokia and regulatory uncertainties. The company plans to continue launching new products in the European market and sees foldable phones as a key strategy for making breakthroughs in mature markets.

To compete with rivals like Samsung and Apple, Oppo aims to expand its sales channels in upscale locations and enhance service quality in physical stores. The Asia-Pacific region will be a crucial battleground for Oppo in its pursuit of high-end consumers. The company's president for APAC, Andy Shi, believes that capturing the European market is essential for Oppo's success.

  • Oppo has launched the Find N3 foldable phone to target overseas markets.

  • The Find N3 features a large inner screen and an enhanced hinge.

  • Oppo's ultra-premium camera system is incorporated into the Find N3.

Source: SCMP

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