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OnePlus 10T Review : Still A Flagship Killer?

Making another appearance this year from OnePlus is the 10T. Notorious for being the most specced-out version that OnePlus makes, you could say it lives up to the reputation here coming with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, a 6.7" Fluid AMOLED display, a triple camera construction, yet somehow missing the prestigious Hasselblad branding on the back.So how does this stand against the Pro variant released earlier this year? – which was also released pretty much under the radar in most countries. And does it have the right to stand amongst other flagships with a mid-range price tag?

This Jade green colour-way which was first seen on the Nord 2T, still looks more blue than green to our eyes, sometimes coming off a little grey-ish too? But it pulls off the look better in most lighting conditions.Either way, the plastic frame and glass back meshes in nicely with the camera module, while at 204g also weighing a little lighter than Oppo's version of this design, the Find X5 Pro. In some ways, we prefer this iteration as it's equipped with a Fluid AMOLED HDR10+ flat-edged display, capable of producing over 1 billion colours, with a 120Hz refresh rate and 720Hz touch sampling rate for all your doom scrolling or gaming needs, which we'll get into in just a bit. The overall 87.9% screen-to-body ratio does feel slightly tighter than the one found on the Find X 5 Pro, but with its flat-edged display, handling this in the hands might justify avoiding accidental touches during intense gaming sessions. Viewing angles are also great and by no means feels any less of a display compared to the LTPO2 displays on both the Find X 5 Pro and the OnePlus 10 Pro. So it likely won't be a dealbreaker to most, being arguably a wise decision which might have helped keep prices down when it came to developing this phone. While there are still stereo speakers, outputs aren’t exactly loud. Thankfully, Bluetooth 5.2 and Dolby Atmos makes the wireless headphone experience just a tad bit more worth your while having very low latency. There's also options to choose between Environment or Scenario-specific profiles. These different sound modes makes gaming, movies, and music feel more tuned for their respective purposes. For us, we personally found the Movie scenario profile to be most balanced and akin to the likes of Apple’s Spatial Audio, providing a 3D sound experience but not quite as 3D as you'd imagine if we're being honest. The OnePlus 10T is equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and Adreno 730, 8GB of RAM and options to upgrade to 12GB RAM, which