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Nvidia A100: AMD MI250 Chip Closing the Gap in Performance

Updated: Jan 5

MosaicML, an AI startup, tests AMD and Nvidia AI chips, reveals AMD's potential to reach 80% performance of Nvidia's chips.


Artificial intelligence (AI) chips from Advanced Micro Devices are rapidly approaching the performance level of Nvidia Corp chips, according to a recent report by AI software firm MosaicML. While Nvidia currently dominates the market for powerful AI chips, the increasing demand for AI services has led tech companies to seek alternatives, with hopes that AMD will emerge as a strong challenger.

MosaicML, which was acquired for $1.3 billion this week, conducted a test comparing AMD's MI250 chip with Nvidia's A100, both of which are one generation behind each company's flagship chips but remain highly sought after. The evaluation revealed that AMD's chip can deliver around 80% of the performance of Nvidia's chip, largely due to a new version of AMD software released in late 2022 and the support of Meta Platforms' open-source software, PyTorch, released in March 2023.

Hanlin Tang, chief technology officer of MosaicML, expressed confidence that further software updates from AMD would enable its MI250 chip to match Nvidia's A100 in performance. Tang highlighted the significance of software in the machine learning chip industry, emphasizing that AMD has excelled in this aspect. Developers who can acquire AMD chips at the right price can already consider them as viable alternatives to Nvidia chips.

MosaicML sells software that facilitates the creation of AI systems within companies' own data centers, reducing reliance on external providers like OpenAI for access to AI infrastructure. The company conducted this research to demonstrate that chip options beyond Nvidia are available to its customers. AMD, in a statement, acknowledged MosaicML's findings and emphasized its commitment to working with the company to optimise its software.

Nvidia declined to comment on the report.

  • AMD AI chips are approximately 80% as fast as Nvidia chips, with the potential to match their performance.

  • MosaicML, an AI startup, conducted a test comparing AMD and Nvidia chips, highlighting the viability of AMD as an alternative.

  • AMD's software updates and collaboration with Meta Platforms' PyTorch software contribute to the chip's improved performance.


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