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Nothing Ear (1) Review: How Too Much Hype Can Be BAD

Well, it’s been a while since the Nothing Ear (1) launched, but they’re finally here in Singapore. And all I can say is wow.

Don’t get me wrong though, when I said wow, it wasn’t because they’re incredible or surprising. Well, it’s kinda surprising. But more because the Ear (1) is a very good example of how too much hype can be a bad thing.

Before we jump into the design, let’s talk about how we perceive things, especially when it comes to tech. If it’s cheap, but performs well and at a level better than its price suggests, we think “wow, what a deal!”. But what happens when it’s cheap and performs well, but it’s been hyped to insane levels? Then we start thinking “huh, it’s not bad but… Is that it?”