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Noble Fokus Pro Review: DELIGHTFUL Sound Quality!

If you were interested in the Noble Falcon Pro that I reviewed previously, you’ll definitely also be interested in these new earbuds from Noble Audio, the Noble Fokus Pro.

Anyway, let’s start with the design. The case is actually much nicer than the Falcon Pro’s square case, with the company opting for a more conventional oblong case that sits nicer in jeans pockets. The lid is a similar blue as the Falcon Pro’s, and since blue is my favourite colour, it’s a welcome touch. On the front, there are four LEDs to indicate charging, along with a USB-C port on the rear. Unfortunately, no wireless charging here.

Flip up the lid and you get the earbuds inside, along with a reset button on the case, in the same design as the Falcon Pro. The earbuds look quite different from the Falcon Pro, and in truth, I much prefer this design. It looks much more like a custom IEM now with this blue marble swirl faceplate that’s smoothly integrated into the shell with no seam at all. You’ll also notice this metal bass vent port on the side, and that’s because these are still using three drivers, two balanced armatures and one dynamic driver. Personally, it sounded great on the Falcon Pro, so I’m all for this hybrid design.

The BA drivers are custom ones from Knowles, and the dynamic driver has been increase