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  • Cheryl Tan

Nanoleaf Lines Review: Even More Customisation Possibilities!

It feels like Nanoleaf's offerings just get better and better with each product they put out.

Credit: Nanoleaf

The newest product from the company, the Nanoleaf Lines, continues on the brand's intentions of putting out different smart lights, following after the Nanoleaf Elements. Nanoleaf Lines is, as the name implies, a set of modular smart light bars that can be joined together to form hundreds of different patterns.

There are some recommended patterns from Nanoleaf, but really, the sky is the limit. In the starter kit, you get nine bars, nine mounting connectors, one controller module, 10 mounting plates and spare tape, the power supply and such. Nine bars might seem like a lot, but when you start looking at longer patterns, you'll definitely have to consider getting the expansion kits.

The hexagonal mounting connectors are also pretty interesting, you get six slots in each one, which means there's really a lot of latitude of freedom in how you mount and design your Lines pattern. The controller module has physical buttons on it, although I typically just used the app for controls. This is then connected to the power module and then the wall adapter.

If you're just interested in the starter kit, then you'll most likely have to get a little creative with the patterns, or use one of the patterns provided by Nanoleaf.

Setup is a bit tricky, and Nanoleaf does recommend having a second person around to help out. I did find that having someone helping to hold the bar in place while I was attaching the connectors to the wall was immensely helpful.

The bars are only available in white, although Nanoleaf does sell matte black Skins that you can replace or cover up the white covers with, if you prefer. This time around, the lights are actually on the underside of the bar, which means that you get a very gorgeous, back-lit feel with this product.

The colours are vivid and there are a lot of colour options and scene customisations available in the Nanoleaf app. If you're bored of the ones provided by Nanoleaf, there are also community created patterns and scenes available for download. Whether it's for gaming, mood lighting or just regular white light, it's really versatile.

There's also a mic built-in which allows the Lines bars to strobe and change when there's music playing. We tried it with some of the pre-set rhythm scenes and it works quite well.

Personally, I think the Lines are my favourite product from Nanoleaf, with the Elements coming in a close second. Even when unlit, the Lines and Elements feel like a piece of artwork on the wall, with this probably being more prominent if you choose to use the black Skins for Lines.

It's not all that cheap though, starting at S$339.88 for the Starter Kit. While that might seem like plenty, you'll be relatively restricted in terms of what patterns you can do, unless you pony up for the Expansion Packs which come in at S$109.88 for three bars. That's going to be close to S$450 for 12 bars, which would offer more choice and freedom in creating patterns, but it's also quite a bit to pay for a lighting solution.

That being said, if you have the cash and you're looking for elegant smart lights to jazz up your home, the Nanoleaf Lines will definitely be a great option.

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