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  • Lawrence Ng

Music Stickers on Facebook and Instagram Now Available for Singaporeans

If you've long been waiting to add Music stickers to your Facebook and Instagram Stories, then you're in luck because you can now use them on these two apps. The stickers are a part of the Music feature that has been rolled out in Singapore. The feature includes the option for users to add music to their Facebook profile and share Soundmojis on Messenger.

Credit: Facebook

To add music to your Facebook Story, you first need to click on the "Create Story" option at the top of your News Feed. Then, you have to swipe rightward at the top of your screen and select "Music". From there, you can select a song and even opt to display lyrics by choosing a song with the "LYRICS" label next to it.

After that, just drag the slider left or right to choose a part of the song that you will add to your Story and tap "Done". At this point, you can select a display style or a specific sticker format that features the song name and artist. Choosing lyrics is also an option if they are available for the selected song.

The song will then appear in your Story, but the content won't be shared with others just yet. Before you upload the Story, you can change the Music sticker's style by tapping it and move it by tapping and holding. Meanwhile, you need to use two fingers to rotate the sticker or change its size. You can also delete the song by dragging it to the trash icon at the bottom of your screen.

If you want to change the background or add a photo or video from your device's camera roll, then you can tap the circle at the top of your screen. All that's left to do is tap "Share to Story".

Credit: Facebook

The process for Instagram Stories is different. In the stickers tab of your Story, you will be able to see a music icon. When tapped, a library of songs can be accessed. You can search for a song, browse songs by mood or genre and discover popular tracks. Songs can be previewed by pressing the play button on the side.

Once you've chosen a song, you can fast-forward and rewind through the track to choose a portion that you'd like to add to your Story.

Credit: Facebook

If you want to synchronise a song to a video that you're about to record, you need to open the camera, swipe to the "Music" option under the record button and select a specific part of the song. Afterwards, you can shoot the video as the song is playing.

Credit: Facebook

Aside from the Music feature, Singaporeans can use Instagram's new Map Search from 21 September 2021 onwards. With this feature, you can find popular tagged locations around you by tapping a map icon on the top right corner of the Explore tab. Locations can be filtered by categories like restaurants and sights.

Credit: Facebook

When you search for a specific hashtag, you'll also be able to discover locations relevant to that hashtag.

Facebook is launching these features to increasingly support artists and businesses as well as self-expression in the online community. The Music feature is already available to Singapore users.


Written by Sophia Lopez


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