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  • Cheryl Tan

MonsterXGears Behemoth Mouse Review: The Middle Child Has a Place

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Today, we have another gaming mouse from MonsterXGears called the Behemoth. The Behemoth is the middle child in the gaming mouse line up under the MonsterXGears brand. We have already reviewed the other 2, the Fenrir as well as the Baku, so check out the reviews if you haven’t.

So far, we have been liking the gaming mice from MonsterXGears as they’re a good option for both competitive gaming as well as casual gamers.

The build quality is quite good. The mouse buttons are clicky but not overly clicky to the point that people sitting beside you would get annoyed. It has an eight-button system, with the left, right and middle mouse click button, the scroll wheel with rubber grooves, three thumb buttons and a DPI resolution switcher.

All of the buttons are re-assignable, including the thumb buttons which you can have as macros. All you need to do is fire up the driver utility software and adjust the buttons accordingly. What MonsterXGears has done is that they have included several default macro button templates, such as opening up your web browser homepage, which is really convenient.

The only thing I felt that they could do better is to reposition the big thumb button a little closer. My fingers are relatively long but I still can’t reach the big thumb button in my default hand resting position. The other thing is the build quality of the thumb buttons; it feels somewhat cheap and hollow. Other than that though, it all works really well.

Yes, it does have RGB lighting, as all other MonsterXGears mice do. You can, of course, change the lighting configuration in the driver utility software. My favourite is still the breathing effect with red and blue as the switching colours.

The cord isn’t the paracord that is found on the Baku Gaming Mouse though. The Baku cord is really well designed, but the one on the Behemoth has some cord drag to it when you move your mouse around. So if you use this mouse for more competitive gaming, you might be at a slight disadvantage.

Looking over the specs, the mouse has a few that you would want in a gaming mice which are

  1. PMW 3360 Optical Sensor

  2. 12,000DPI Resolution

  3. Polling rate 125Hz – 250Hz – 500Hz – 1000Hz

  4. Supports MX driver

  5. Dimension 124.56mm(L) x 67.48mm(W) x 42.28mm(H)

  6. Weight 120g

  7. 1 Year Warranty

You can further fine tune the configurations as soon as you download and install the driver utility software.

The Behemoth Esports Mouse currently retails for S$79, at a S$20 discount from the usual S$99.

For a gaming mouse, it does deliver the requirements to play games and it brings in more functionality to your gameplay. It is priced affordably at SGD$79. My wife even uses this mouse for her productivity stuff on her iMac and it works really well. Compared to the Apple Magic Mouse, it’s a much more ergonomic option.


Written by Khairun Kamaruzaini ( Community Creator)

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