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  • Cheryl Tan

MonsterXGears Abaddon Gaming Keyboard Review: Solid Keyboard for Gaming & Typing

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Because of work from home arrangements, keyboards have become one of the sought-after computer peripherals this year. Gaming keyboards became an instant hit too because it just feels nicer to type on, thanks to the fact that most of them are mechanical keyboards.

There are tons and tons of gaming keyboards out there and it is just so hard to narrow down which would be ideal for you. Look at Razer, Logitech and Corsair. There are just way too many brands and iterations and by the time you finish deciding on what to buy, everyone will be back at the office already.

Presenting the Abaddon from MonsterXGears, a local gaming peripherals and accessories brand in Singapore. Right out of the box, if you are familiar with Corsair’s K95 keyboard with the macro keys at the left side, you would be right at home because the Abaddon has got the same sets of Macro keys, G1 to G6.

These keys are extremely helpful as they can become super shortcut keys. Yup, that’s right, not just shortcut keys but super shortcut keys. To get them operational, you have to first download the driver and utility software. Then you can customize what sort of macros you want. It can be as simple as assigning one of these buttons to be a “copy key” and another button to be the “paste key”.

Something good would be to assign a button to open your browser or to have a key to open a website. The keys are blue switches so they are clicky and I love these blue switches. It just rings ASMR whenever I type on it. Some people cannot tolerate the clickity-clack of blue switches though, so if you want to work in complete silence, this keyboard isn’t for you.

This keyboard has RGB lighting so you can customize the colour and patterns. Again, this can be found in the software. I also love that there is a volume control wheel on the right. This comes in handy because it is just a finger away when you need it. You can also find media buttons to the left side of the volume control wheel. If you are watching a movie, you can use these media buttons to control playback.

M1 to M5 are the memory keys. These are pretty much the lighting profile settings you can store there. Now you don’t have to fumble anymore on the settings in the software. So with just one touch of a button, you can change your keyboard lights.

If you think that’s all to this keyboard, then you can’t be more wrong because it is also a USB hub. At the front of the keyboard, you can find 2 USB A 2.0 ports where you can use it to either charge your phone, plug in a flash drive, connect your webcam or any other peripherals.

Price-wise, these cost S$199. Mind you, the Corsair k95 has the same layout buttons but they cost more than S$300 when they are not on sale. So for the same functionality and blue switches, well, because the Corsair K95 uses brown ones, you can save at least a S$100.

The quality is brilliant. The keys have a nice travel distance and tactile feeling. So I would say, if you are looking for a top tier gaming keyboard or if you are into e-sports, I fully recommend the MonsterXGears Abaddon.


Written by Khairun Kamaruzaini ( Community Creator)

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