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Microsoft Vows to Protect Customers of AI Copilots from Copyright Lawsuits

Updated: Jan 8

In a move to address concerns about copyright infringement, Microsoft has announced that it will defend buyers of its artificial intelligence (AI) products, specifically its AI "Copilots," from potential lawsuits.

Credits: Reuters

The company's commitment, known as the Microsoft Copilot Copyright Commitment, ensures protection for customers who have utilised the guardrails and content filters integrated into Microsoft's products.

Hossein Nowbar, General Counsel at Microsoft, stated in a blog post that the company believes in standing behind its customers and taking responsibility for any legal issues that may arise from the use of their products. Microsoft has also pledged to cover related fines or settlements and has implemented measures to ensure that its Copilots respect copyright laws.

Generative AI technology, which leverages existing content to create new material, is being integrated into many of Microsoft's major products, including Office and Windows. While this technology offers the potential to simplify and automate various tasks, it also raises concerns about the fair use of copyrighted materials.

Already, artists, writers and software developers have filed lawsuits or objections regarding the unauthorized use of their creations. Some individuals have accused OpenAI, Microsoft's partner in developing the technology, of violating open-source software development licenses. News organisations, comedian Sarah Silverman and artists have also taken legal action against AI image generators Stability AI and Midjourney.

To protect its customers, Microsoft has taken a similar approach to what it did in the past. In the 2000s, the company offered indemnification to partners and customers using or reselling its software, distinguishing itself from open-source software makers. In 2017, Microsoft extended protection to customers of its Azure cloud products from legal claims.

Microsoft's commitment to defending customers of its AI Copilots reflects its dedication to ensuring the responsible and ethical use of AI technology. By addressing copyright concerns and providing legal protection, the company aims to foster trust and loyalty among its customer base.

  • Microsoft pledges to defend customers of its AI Copilots from copyright infringement lawsuits.

  • The Microsoft Copilot Copyright Commitment protects customers who have used the guardrails and content filters integrated into Microsoft's products.

  • The company will cover related fines or settlements and has implemented measures to ensure compliance with copyright laws.

Source: SCMP

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