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Microsoft Expands AI Initiatives in Hong Kong Primary School as OpenAI Restricts Access

Microsoft has partnered with Education University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Primary School to give AI services to pupils. Approximately 220 children in grades 5 and 6 will have access to Microsoft's chatbot and text-to-image generating tools. Microsoft's K-12 development in Hong Kong is being aided by a relationship with Gamenoodlesoup.

Education University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Primary School
Credit: Kelly Le

This initiative intends to introduce AI services into classrooms and improve students' learning experiences.

Beginning with the previous academic year, roughly 220 kids in grades 5 and 6 were provided access to Microsoft's chatbot and text-to-image production tools, powered by OpenAI's GPT and Dall-E models, during science classes. This effort is part of Microsoft's long-term plan for incorporating AI into education and promoting its AI services in Hong Kong.

Microsoft's K-12 development in Hong Kong is being facilitated by Gamenoodlesoup, a global training partner that develops education and entertainment technology. Anderson Yu, the founder of Gamenoodlesoup, revealed that his company has been working closely with the school since April 2023 to tailor Microsoft Azure cloud services to the institution's exact requirements.

Fred Sheu, Microsoft Hong Kong's national technology officer, voiced optimism in the future of their education offerings in Hong Kong, saying, "I think our education offerings in Hong Kong will definitely continue." Microsoft intends to push out this AI solution to all Hong Kong schools in the coming years.

Despite geopolitical tensions between the United States and China, Microsoft remains dedicated to its business in Hong Kong. OpenAI recently restricted access to its API in the city, but Sheu claimed that this would not affect Microsoft's Azure AI services, which rely on OpenAI models. Microsoft's investment in OpenAI apparently entitles it to a sizable share of the company's income.

While Microsoft's operation in China has come under governmental scrutiny, the company remains committed to worldwide expansion. Microsoft's president, Brad Smith, revealed that China generates barely 1.5% of the company's total income. In response to concerns, Microsoft has offered to move hundreds of staff to different markets.

Elsa Cheung Kam Yan, the principal of Jockey Club Primary School, believes that using AI may significantly improve the efficacy of learning and teaching. She emphasised that AI gives pupils more access to information and the opportunity to explore outside their textbooks. The school intends to expand the use of AI to additional classes in the future.

  • Microsoft collaborates with Education University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Primary School to provide AI services to students

  • Approximately 220 students in grades 5 and 6 gain access to Microsoft's chatbot and text-to-image generation tools

  • Microsoft's K-12 expansion in Hong Kong facilitated through partnership with Gamenoodlesoup

Source: SCMP

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