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Meta Quest 3 Review | The Most Impressive Upgrade to Standalone VR Yet

The Meta Quest 3 impressed us with its leap in visual quality and comfort over its predecessor. With a higher resolution display of 2,064 by 2,208 pixels per eye and a more streamlined design that weighs just 18.2 ounces, the Quest 3 immerses users in vivid virtual worlds. The colour passthrough cameras of the Meta Quest 3 are easily its most impressive new feature. Being able to clearly see the real world around you in full colour while wearing the headset is a game changer. This allows for truly mixed reality experiences where virtual objects are seamlessly blended into your actual surroundings.

Quest 3


The colour passthrough cameras are undoubtedly the most impressive new feature of Meta Quest 3. Being able to clearly see the real world in full vibrant colour while wearing the headset opens up exciting new possibilities for mixed reality experiences. No longer are you restricted to a virtual space, which can be intimidating sometimes as you won't be able to know what is happening around you or what you are going to hit - This was our main takeaway after spending time with Meta Quest 3.

Quest 3


At just 2.2 inches deep and 18.2 ounces, the Quest 3 feels noticeably less bulky than its predecessor strapped to your face. The rounded edges and lighter weight make it more balanced and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The three-point adjustable elastic head strap with overlapping size adjustments can be difficult to adjust and tends to clip our hair, which can be a pretty painful experience.


Powering the Quest 3 is a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor with Qualcomm claiming 2.5x the performance of the Quest 2's chip for smoother graphics and gameplay. It has 8GB of RAM for multitasking. Storage options include 128GB or 512GB.


Visually, the higher resolution 2,064 x 2,208 per eye display really shines through. Colours appear bright and vibrant with deep blacks thanks to light-blocking foam around the lenses. As a nearsighted user, I could clearly read text without glasses, a first for me in VR. Optional prescription lens inserts from Zenni Optical improved clarity even further. Performance across software was fast and fluid with quick loading and smooth frame rates.

Four onboard cameras - two on each side stacked vertically - enable the Quest 3's standout colour passthrough view. While not as crisp as real life or probably comparable to that of Apple’s Vision Pro, it does provide a far superior mixed reality experience to the Quest 2's monochrome cameras. Two additional bottom cameras and an infrared emitter handle inside-out tracking. A volume rocker, IPD dial, and USB-C port are also included.

Quest 3 Controller


The redesigned motion controllers lose the large tracking rings and definitely feel much smaller in the hands but are otherwise identical to the Quest 2's touch controllers. Each uses a single AA battery and inside-out tracking through the headset cameras was accurate and responsive in tests. Battery Life does feel a little longer.

Quest 3 battery


Unfortunately battery life remains disappointing, with only 2.9 hours for media playback. It charges fully in 2.3 hours using the included 18W adapter. An optional $129 wireless charging dock provides convenience but adds cost. Portable battery packs can extend use. We decided to get an adapter that can retrofit our old Bobovr for Quest 2 to work on our new Quest 3. Although it adds weight and bulk to the device, it’s so far one of the most comfortable option for us.

Quest 3 Store


The expansive Quest software store has a huge selection of fully-fledged games like Beat Saber and productivity apps such as Horizon Workrooms. There are also an increasing number of AR apps which developers are pushing the boundaries of gaming experience for users. Unfortunately apps like Horizon world are still limited to certain countries and are not available in Singapore. Wireless PC connectivity can be supported through Air Link or wired. Remote working to your desktop is also quite a good experience as you can decide to have many screens of different sizes, with very usable latency for work.

Here are the key technical specifications of the Meta Quest 3:

Display: 2,064 x 2,208 pixels per eye

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2


Storage: 128GB/512GB

Cameras: 4 tracking cameras (2 on front, 2 on bottom)

Connectivity: Wireless via WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3/Optional Link cable for PC VR via USB-C

Battery: 2-3 hours of usage time

Audio: Built-in speakers with spatial audio | 3.5mm headphone jack

Pricing and Availability

Oculus Meta Quest 3 128GB


Oculus Meta Quest 3 512GB


Unfortunately, the Quest 3 is currently not available in Singapore from the Meta store, but you can still get one from online resellers. We got ours from Amazon US which is also the official reseller for the Quest 3 and we feel it is the most reliable way as you will be able to take advantage of Amazon’s return policy if anything goes wrong. Pro tip: Amazon does often have discounts so it will be good to time your purchase with those sale periods.

As the new gold standard for standalone VR, the Quest 3 has delivered meaningful upgrades over its predecessor in key areas like display quality and mixed reality functionality. Meta has also made this a more affordable headsets compared to Apple’s Vision Pro. With its hardware upgrade, affordable pricing and large library of content, it is undoubtedly the best all-in-one VR & AR headset for both gaming and productivity.

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