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Mercedes-Benz introduces ChatGPT as a Voice Control Assistant for Drivers

Updated: Jan 5

Mercedes-Benz partners with Microsoft's ChatGPT to empower US drivers with voice-activated luxury vehicle controls and natural language interactions.

Mercedes-Benz (MBGn.DE) has announced the launch of a test program allowing U.S. drivers to utilize ChatGPT technology in select luxury vehicles, starting from June 16. The integration of ChatGPT with the automaker's "MBUX" systems will be accessible via over-the-air downloads upon opt-in through a Mercedes app or voice command. This three-month test aims to assess driver usage and explore the potential of ChatGPT in improving the car's response system.

During the test period, drivers will benefit from ChatGPT's ability to deliver more natural-sounding answers, enabling them to seek destination information and ask various inquiries, such as dinner recipes. Mercedes had previously enabled voice commands for features like seat heater activation.

The collaboration between Mercedes and Microsoft marks a significant business venture for both companies. Microsoft, through its cloud services, is offering a version of the popular chatbot, ChatGPT, in support of this integration. This move serves as a competitive response to's Alexa, which has been making strides in the automotive industry. Microsoft's investment in OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has paved the way for this collaboration.

Mercedes-Benz highlights that drivers will not only have the capability to issue commands using the phrase "Hey Mercedes," but they will also be able to engage in conversations with their vehicles. Additionally, Microsoft mentioned in a blog post that future plug-in integrations may enable drivers to effortlessly make restaurant reservations, book movie tickets, and carry out other tasks while driving.

The insights gained from the test program will guide Mercedes-Benz in expanding the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) features to other countries and languages. The automaker assures drivers that voice data is securely stored, anonymized, and analyzed within the Mercedes cloud infrastructure. General Motors, in a collaborative effort with Microsoft, has also expressed interest in exploring the application of ChatGPT technology in vehicles.

  • Mercedes-Benz initiates a three-month test program allowing U.S. drivers to integrate ChatGPT technology.

  • ChatGPT enhances the car's response system and enables natural language interactions.

  • Microsoft's cloud services provide the infrastructure for ChatGPT integration, offering competition to Amazon's Alexa.

  • Drivers can issue voice commands and hold conversations with their vehicles using the phrase "Hey Mercedes."

  • Future plug-in integrations may allow drivers to perform tasks like restaurant reservations while driving.

  • Mercedes plans to expand AI integration based on insights gained from the test program.

  • Voice data is securely stored, anonymized, and analyzed in the Mercedes cloud.

  • General Motors is also exploring ChatGPT integration as part of its collaboration with Microsoft.


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