What You Need to Know about Malaysia's Next-Gen Touch ‘N Go Card

Malaysian-based Touch ‘n Go (TNG) Group launched a next-gen pay-card with new capabilities – with the most important being reloading credit via mobile app. Here's a quick look at the basics on the all-new Enhanced TNG card with Near-Field Communication (NFC) function.

Credit: TNG Group

Overdue Innovation

For the longest time, anyone who used a TNG card wondered if the top-up process would get any easier. In fact, when the mobile-based e-wallet app launched five years ago, rumours quickly circulated that there will be an easier way to load up credit into existing payment cards. Unfortunately, everything that came after – investment via wealthtech feature and continuous free credit programmes – took the focus away from the one feature users need.

With the next-gen TNG card – TNG Group called it the Enhanced TNG Card – it is supposedly easier to top-up credit via the e-wallet. Before we get to that, let’s start with the purchasing process first.

Where to Get the Enhanced TNG Card?

There are two options that TNG users can order the next-gen pay card from:

  1. For those staying in Kuala Lumpur, or who plan to visit, just swing by the TNG store at Nu Sentral – a mall within KL Sentral Transportation Hub. Quantity is limited so don’t get your hopes up

  2. Selected partner retailers – those that are known to sell regular TNG cards – also stocked up

  3. For those who have the e-wallet app, just update to the latest version and look for the option to order the Enhanced TNG Card – keep in mind there is an RM5 shipping fee

Credit: TNG Group

Take note, this is only for those staying in Malaysia. Users from Singapore and Thailand can order the card but will need to send it to a Malaysian address.

How to Top-Up via E-Wallet?

It sounds as easy as it is written on paper – users who want to reload the next-gen TNG card will need an NFC-enabled smartphone and an Enhanced TNG.

  1. Users need to link the new card to the e-wallet to ensure both are communicating with each other and to enable credit tracking on the app. Users can do this when they call up the TNG reload option that is now available on the mainpage interface as it will prompt users to add the new card first.

  2. Once that is done, the next step is to place the Enhanced TNG Card on the back of the smartphone for five seconds to “connect” the app to the card. Once the card is detected, a serial number will pop up in the dialogue box and users will be asked to input their registered 6-digit PIN. Once all that is done, users can reload their new TNG card freely.

  3. Just open the Reload screen on the TNG Enhanced Card and a prompt will ask to hold the card to the back of the smartphone for verification purposes. After that, just choose the reload value, type in the PIN, and the funds will be transferred

Credit: TNG Group

Notes to consider – like the other registered TNG cards, the fund in this card is isolated from the e-wallet; keep in mind that there is no dormancy period for the next-gen payment card; and the position of the NFC is not in the same position for different smartphones. For the latter, please refer to a brand’s website to locate the wireless function.

This lack of seamless integration and the overall performance of the NFC will cause some errors, so do not expect a smooth transfer of funds.

Word of advice, once an Enhanced TNG is registered, it will be good to refund and remove the other registered cards and move the refunded cash into the new linked card. This would take – give or take – an hour to complete.

For the time being, this is the biggest update that the new TNG card has over its older counterparts. This article may be updated as and when more major updates come online.

  • The new Enhanced TNG Card is now available for purchase via the TNG e-wallet app

  • Reloading can be done via the e-wallet thanks to the embedded NFC in the new card

  • There may be some user experience issues but, overall, it should be easy to reload the next-gen card