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  • Lawrence Ng

Making the Cut – Ray Wah, Senior Vice President, Dell

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Despite his busy schedule, Ray Wah ensures he spends quality time with his sons through gaming. Dell’s senior vice president of consumer product marketing also highlights the importance of equipping the young with the knowledge and answers they’re seeking.

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Transcription: Throughout the years, you can see how the PC is still extremely relevant. In terms of social mobility for any country, the PC is at the heart and the center of that. The first notebook that I have was over 10,000 US. Today PC’s are a whole lot more affordable. The younger generation would be extremely comfortable and savvy using the PC at a very early age. This is only good because what we have done is open a wealth and a library of information that they could always have access to. It enables any young child to understand his or her ability to be curious and learn through the ropes of equipping him or herself with the knowledge and the answers that they are seeking. I travel a lot. It’s very hard to keep in touch with my sons. Nothing brings us closer together, when all of us organise ourselves into a team and compete with whoever wants to take us on in a game. My favourite game is overwatch. It’s really a lot about teamwork, various characters that you take on has both strengths and weaknesses, so you need to organise a team and make sure that the team is strong in all areas to be able to compete and beat your competition. My management philosophy is rooted on first, principles, layered with the need to dynamically lead. We are relentless if you don’t change and you don’t stay ahead, you could be left behind.

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