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  • Lawrence Ng

Making the Cut – Charlene Koh, co-founder, Paktor

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Paktor is serious business. The matchmaking app, having received a recent US$10 million funding, is now in seven countries including Japan and South Korea. But even as the business grows and recently acquired another dating app, Down, Paktor’s co-founder Charlene Koh only has one goal – to make a difference in somebody’s life.

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Transcription: Hi, I’m Charlene. I co-founded Paktor, one of the mobile dating apps in Singapore. So, Paktor is in about 7 other countries, mainly Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, as well, Bangkok. We are expanding into Japan and Korea this year, so then you’ll be able to actually look for people overseas. For Paktor itself, I meet a lot of different people. There isn’t a day that is the same day, always new things that pop up, you know, new things that I learn. So the ‘Paktor Queen’ doesn’t mean I paktor a lot, it’s the term that they coined for me because I created Paktor and I wanted this platform that actually connects people together. Well, I’ll definitely use my own name when I test the app. A lot of them who actually swipe right on me or talk to me, initially don’t know who I am until they ask me questions like, “Oh, what do you work as?” and I’m like “Oh, I actually co-founded Paktor”, and they are like “No way!”. Or he’s like, “Oh, you’re joking.” and I’m like “No, no, no, no, no, no”. Gaigai runs very differently from Paktor, Paktor is all online but Gaigai is offline. Umm, the reason why we wanted to have Gaigai was because we felt that being an offline service, you have more criterias, you are a bit more sophisticated. The interview with each of our clients for Gaigai lasts about an hour. There’s a long list of questions that we go through because we actually protect our clients’ interests here as well. Looking good is making a good impression. I go to the gym quite often, I listen to a lot of house, a lot of trance, a lot of EDM tunes as well. It gets the beat going, gets you sweating and gets me motivated to actually work out harder. Being in a first date as well, you need to also watch your dating etiquette – the way that you speak, the way that you actually present yourself. So, Fleek image was born in about October last year. It is our image consulting arm that actually help singles, you know, to look better and to feel good about themselves too. I wear a lot of tones, my colour is actually warm autumn colours. I do not wear things like green, it makes you look a bit sullen, you know, it makes you look unhealthy. You actually help people, I actually feel more fulfilled and contented at the end of the day and you know, when you go back home, I’m happy because I have tried to make a difference in somebody’s life and I look forward to working the next day.

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