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  • Soon Kai Hong

Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Review: Can I Actually Become Shroud?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

If you’re a huge fan of Logitech, you would’ve heard of the G303 Daedalus Apex, a gaming mouse that was highly regarded by many but was discontinued by Logitech a few years back. But one person always used this mouse and it’s arguably his favourite mouse, using it many times on stream. That person was none other than Shroud.

So Logitech collaborated with him and thus we get this, the all-new G303 Shroud Edition which features that same iconic design.

Like before, it’s a shape that’ll leave you in one of two camps. You’ll either hate it, or you’ll love it. There’s really no in-between. And to be fair, it is designed to really fit Shroud’s hand and his preferences.

It features the same arrowhead design that is symmetrical, but not exactly ambidextrous as you only get the side buttons on the left side. The overall shape has a gentle slope towards the front and a pretty flat arch towards the rear before dropping down a little more steeply to create an almost equally symmetrical C shape when looked at from the side.

To be very specific, it measures 119mm in length, 69mm wide and is just about 40mm high. This makes it pretty much a mid-sized gaming mouse which should comfortably fit most people out there.

Visually, I do really like the semi-two-tone look that’s achieved by using opaque plastic for the top and transparent plastic for the main body. It really makes for a unique look and it certainly reminds me of old handheld game consoles. Apparently, this was a request by Shroud and I think it’s fantastic.

One of the main things when it comes to gaming mice is the weight. The weight comes in 75 grams and yes it’s definitely not the lightest mouse out there if that’s what you’re looking for. If lightweight is your priority, perhaps the G Pro X Superlight would be something much more up your alley. But again, at 75 grams, it’s still on the relatively light side of things and I was perfectly fine doing quick swipes during gaming and long hours during productivity, so I’m sure most of you would too.

As for the texture, it’s very similar to what you get in other Logitech gaming mice. It’s smooth to the touch and really comfortable. But it’ll show your finger oil stains over time and with enough use, I’m sure it’ll shine as well, just like a GMK keycap set.

Now talking about the buttons available, like I just mentioned, while this is a symmetrical design, it’s not exactly ambidextrous as there are only side buttons on the left side of the mouse.

The rear side button is really easy to tap on and basically in the most optimal position. The front side button however is slightly more difficult to reach due to the shape of the mouse.

You will of course get your two main clicks, your scroll wheel and a DPI button right in the middle.

I’ve to say that I really like the clicks on this mouse. It is by far one of the lightest yet crispy feeling clicks I’ve ever tried on a gaming mouse. I just feel confident with it. The same can be said for the scroll wheel, though I personally would’ve preferred if it was textured.

Towards the rear, you’ll actually find a magnetic slide-out drawer that houses the LightSpeed wireless receiver. A little overkill in my opinion, but really nice nonetheless.

At this point, if you didn’t yet know that this is a wireless gaming mouse, well... now you know! And the best part about it is that this is, as far as I know, the first Logitech gaming mouse to feature a USB-C port.

Now, flip towards the bottom and this is where you’ll see two large PTFE, the on/off switch, and that 25K DPI Hero sensor right in the middle.

So we now talk about performance, the general usage of the mouse itself. How is it?

In games, I really had no issues with it. Tracking was smooth, the response was quick and it’s pretty much everything you can expect from a great gaming mouse from a brand like Logitech. If you’re used to the performance of the G Pro X Superlight, you can expect that same performance here.

Now does it instantly make you a pro-gamer like Shroud? No, of course not. But you can rest assured that it’ll perform and nothing about the hardware is holding you back. As for day to day tasks, it’s just as great as well.

But the most amazing thing about the G303 Shroud Edition is the battery life. Logitech claims up to 145 hours of battery life with constant motion. That’s almost twice the amount of battery life compared to their very popular G Pro X Superlight. Honestly, it’s quite insane.

Ever since I’ve got the mouse, I’ve basically only charged it once. A single charge could last me 3 weeks easily before I had to recharge it. And when you’re eventually out of juice, charging it back up takes no time at all. It really is amazing.

There is one quirk I do have to mention about this mouse, but at the same, the workaround for it. With the Logitech G Hub software, you can customise a multitude of things, with the main being your DPI settings. Now, if you were to use the mouse out of the box, it’ll always rely on the Logitech G Hub app for the input of settings.

But what happens is if you use any DPI higher than the default of 800 and if you leave the mouse stationary for a few minutes, the DPI will default back to 800 for a brief moment once you move the mouse again only for the Logitech G Hub app to kick back in and apply your selected DPI settings.

It can be really jarring especially if you’re someone like me who uses a high DPI setting of 6,400 and higher. To solve this issue, you have to turn on on-board memory mode. This completely eliminates it defaulting back to 800 DPI on standby. It’ll now always run at the DPI you’ve selected.

However, it does also prevent you from accessing all the other features within the app, so do take note that you’ll have to toggle it off if you want to do so. But in any case, not a big issue for me, and it’s a simple workaround for sure.

So overall thoughts?

Personally, coming from a Razer Basilisk V3, I did need quite some time to adjust to the G303 Shroud Edition. It took me roughly two to three days of constant use, both general usage and gaming, before I can say that I was really comfortable with the mouse.

But it really is great. I like the design, I’ve grown to like the shape, it performs admirably and battery life is downright amazing. My main mouse has always been a Razer Basilisk… but y’know what?

I think I’ll keep using this for quite a bit longer.

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