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  • Cheryl Tan

Logitech G Fits Review: Gaming Earbuds That MOULD to the Shape of Your Ears?!

So these are some very interesting earbuds, with this cool ability to use UV light to mould the silicon ear tips to the shape of your ear. Or so Logitech says. We have the Logitech G Fits with us today, and as mentioned, one of the main selling points of this pair of earbuds is that there are UV LEDs in the earbuds that “cure” the ear tips in the shape of your ear canal.


After a few weeks of use, I think I can safely say that if you’re expecting a truly custom IEM fit out of this, you’ll be very disappointed. It’s just not possible to get that kind of custom fit with this right now. If you look at the detail of my custom in-ears versus the G Fits, it’s pretty clear. But the moulded ear tips are very comfortable as they have got the general shape of my ear down. And honestly, that’s about as good as I expected from these earbuds anyway, so yes, keep your expectations in line and you’ll be fine.

Unfortunately, these only come with the M size tips in the case, which means people with smaller or bigger ears will need to go into the app and do the whole “support”, “check your fit”, and go through the whole process of customer support to presumably get a new set of tips to be moulded. My ears aren’t even very big and I felt that the M size was too small, resulting in a fit that, albeit comfortable, doesn’t provide a lot of isolation. This is a major pain, and I much rather Logitech include all three sizes in the box and make the ear tips available for purchase separately.

But anyway, let’s talk about the rest of the design. The case is a relatively flat puck that I do like, since it slips easier into the pocket than bulky cases. There’s a nice shade of yellow inside the case and if you choose the white colour, the inside is purple. Inside the box, you also get a charging cable as well as a Lightspeed dongle, which is the other major selling point of these earbuds.

With the Lightspeed dongle, you’ll be able to connect these earbuds wirelessly to your PC, your Playstation, your Nintendo Switch (docked), your Android phones and more. This is the same Lightspeed tech that’s in Logitech’s wireless mice, keyboards and headsets, so yeah, it basically promises low latency, better accuracy and all that.

Touch Controls & App

Moving on to touch controls, they are okay. By default, a single tap is off, although I changed that to volume controls and you can customise them to skip tracks if you rather. A double tap on either side controls play/pause, or mute/unmute when you’re on the Lightspeed connection. A triple tap will switch the earbuds between Bluetooth and Lightspeed connections. I generally found the touch controls were responsive enough for the single and double taps, although the triple taps did have occasional incidents where they didn’t register.

You’ll absolutely have to download the G Fits app because, without it, you can’t mould the ear tips so yes. Inside the app, you’ll get battery levels, the ability to turn on Game-mode Bluetooth which is supposed to reduce latency, as well as an equaliser with presets like bass boost, FPS, MOBA/RPG and spoken word. Personally, I’m not sure what’s up with the EQ, but all these presets drop the volume unreasonably low, so I just left it on G Signature the whole time. It’s a decent-looking curve with a slight boost in the bass and treble, and it sounds fine. Of course, you can also make some custom EQ presets if you rather.

And that’s about it for the app, pretty simple.


As for connectivity, these run on Bluetooth 5.2 and while there’s no real multipoint, there’s the Lightspeed and Bluetooth switching, which is about just as good. Codec-wise, it’s the standard SBC and AAC.

Battery Life

Battery life is pretty decent, you get nine hours when using the earbuds on Bluetooth with another 11 hours in the case, or seven hours when using Lightspeed with another eight hours in the case. Not the best for sure, but certainly more than enough to get through regular gaming sessions.

Sound Quality

But now we come to sound quality. Let’s start with a brief bit on how music sounds on these. My first thought was wow, there’s quite a bit of bass here. And that’s the most notable part of these earbuds when used for music. The bass is definitely emphasised, with vocals a bit more forward as well. Not as much energy in the treble though, which is a bit of a shame.

I also used the earbuds when gaming on my desktop and PS5 with games like Apex, PUBG and all, and connectivity was fine. Sound quality was also alright, you get a decent soundstage with directionality so you can somewhat pinpoint gunshots and footsteps, but for FPS or battle royale games, I’d suggest boosting the treble a touch in the EQ for better clarity. For open-world RPGs and the likes, the soundstage does feel a bit cramped and it didn’t feel quite as immersive. For those, I’d still recommend using a good pair of headphones for the optimal experience.

Price & Conclusion

If you’re gaming on the go with your phone, these are a decent choice I’d say, as long as you can get the right fit with the ear tips. But at S$389 or US$230, it’s pretty pricey. I’d expect all three sizes of ear tips and even ANC at that price point. These are fun, and if you have the cash to drop on them, sure, but at this point in time, I’d recommend holding out for a sale.

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