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  • Cheryl Tan

LIFX Tile Review: Colour In Your Space

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Have you ever seen squares that look this cool? Well over here we have the LIFX Tile lights, a beautiful LED wall display that will spice up any wall you deem worthy! So, we’re going to walk you through the process of setting it up.

The Package

The tile itself has a white diffused glossy finish and is an 8inch by 8inch grid, 20 centimeters on each side to be exact and 1 inch thick, so it does stick out from the wall a little. In the package there are five tiles, a wall adapter, a plug for different regions, four short cables to connect the tiles together and a 2m cable to connect your main tile to the adapter.

Planning The Design

To start, you need to have a design in mind. For a breeze assembling later on, we arranged the tiles on the ground, before placing it straight away on the wall. Now this is the fun bit, or not. Take your time when arranging and plan out your wiring strategy to hide all these cables.

And if you’re planning to add more tiles, take note that one LED power supply can only connect up to five tiles. So you will need more than one adapter and power outlets, if you have a huge design in mind.

Putting Up The Tiles

Setting up is pretty easy. Each tile comes with 3M Command Strips. So no tools needed! And here’s a tip, stick the main tile on the wall first and make sure it can reach the power source. Once that’s secure, simply connect the rest! Now, if you turn the power on, all lights should light up. If it doesn’t, check your cables once more.

Connecting The LIFX Tile to The App

Now, connecting the lights to the app. Your light’s serial number should appear, click on it to set up the wifi, making sure that the wifi selected is the same as the one your smartphone is connected to. This step will take awhile, so make sure your WIFI is working well to avoid having to reconnect them every now and again like we had to. Once connected, you are good to go!

At this stage, you can connect the lights to Google home, Apple HomeKit or Amazon Alexa. Unfortunately, using voice commands, you’re only limited to dimming and changing the colours. You won’t be able to adjust the special features yet.

But the real fun can be found in the app itself! There’s over 16 million colours for you to choose from. Any shade from darker shades to subtle pastels or blended whites. You can toggle through different effects, scenes, animation and even music rhythm! There’s over 64 colour zones in every tile to let you get creative. You’re able to customize each tile on its own or choose from themes that lets you set colour blends and solid hues to suit every mood.

There’s also programmable things you can do like choosing the time and scene to play at certain times of the day, And here’s our favourite, a special feature under settings where you can choose to make your tiles touch sensitive. With this, you can control the lights by simply touching the tiles.

Controlling Multiple LIFX Tiles

Now, to control multiple LIFX tiles, you can do so by selecting ‘All Lights’. And for your lights to blend well with each other, you can do so under ‘Edit Tile Configuration’. Here, you can drag your tiles around based on how you have your tiles set up.

So now we are all set up and it looks pretty great! But there are things that we feel can be improved. The first would be the power options. A single power supply can only power 5 tiles; compared to some other competitor brands out there, it is a little lacking. The other issue would be the thickness of each tile. One inch is quite thick for a small tile, and each tile is pretty heavy. So far, it’s all right, but how it will hold up over time remains to be seen.

Overall, we had quite a bit of fun creating a design and experimenting with the special features and colour combinations. So go ahead, get creative, and splash some colours on your wall!

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