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  • Cheryl Tan

LG Pra.L Review: The Premium Total Skincare Experience At Home?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Written by Charlotte Mei


Edit: We would like to clarify that this product is FDA cleared.

Have you ever thought about introducing tech into your beauty regime? I just spent the last 28 days* using LG’s total facial skincare solution, Pra.L, that allows you to have your very own facial spa at home! This is uncharted waters for LG, but I must say, they’ve gone above and beyond with the technology on this one.

(*it takes 28 days for our skin to renew)

There are 4 products in the line: Dual Cleanser, Galvanic Ion Booster, Total Lift Up Care, Derma LED Mask.

1. Dual Cleanser (S$449)

This works as a cleanser tool to remove fine particles and dead skin cells from your skin – think of it as a combination of Clinique’s Clarisonic and Foreo’s silicone cleansing brush. It comes with both a silicone and fibre brush, but I’ve been using the former as it’s gentler on my skin.

The cleanser vibrates gently on your skin for 70 seconds while a voice assistant directs you which parts of your face you should move the brush to. This got me thinking… How long do I usually spend washing my face with my hands?!

Pros: Waterproof, easy and straightforward to use, comes with a cradle with a UV lamp to sanitize the brushes and keep them clean for each use

Cons: None

2. Galvanic Ion Booster (S$529)

This has two modes – cleansing and boosting. The cleansing mode involves the use of positive ions to draw out the dirt (made of negative ions) from our skin, while the boosting mode helps ingredients penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Pros: I like the ergonomic shape. The triangle head design gets into all narrow spots!

Cons: The whole process involves 1. applying a gel-based product, 2. using the cleansing mode, 3. washing off the product, 4. applying the serum, 5. using the boosting function. The whole process seems a little too complicated and time-consuming for me to use it regularly.

3. Total Lift Up Care (S$699)

This was said to make one’s skin more youthful in 2 weeks! It works by stimulating the muscles in your skin so they can build up strength to hold your skin up against gravity.

Essentially, you’re ‘working out’ your facial muscles! The tightening mode lasts for 3 minutes, and it uses high frequency and red LED light to deliver heat energy into your skin, improving its elasticity. The lifting mode lasts for another 3 minutes, and it works by sending micro-currents to stimulate skin tissues and muscles.

Be diligent with this one – you may end up with an uneven face if you only use it on one side of your face!!

Pros: I haven’t used it often enough to see effects on my skin, but the results sound amazing enough for me to continue using it!

Cons: I sensed a stinging sensation on certain parts of my face, especially around my cheekbone area so I couldn’t use it for long.

4. Derma LED Mask (S$1,349)

This is the most popular product of the Pra.L line and I can understand why! I found this the most straightforward to use – you put it on, press a single button, and chill out for 9 minutes. I found my skin pearlier the next day, and slightly firmer too.

There is an eye shield to protect your eyes and allow you to see through the mask, meaning you can do other things like replying to your emails while using the mask! It’s wireless too, so you can move about if you like. That said, I’ve fallen asleep every single time I’ve used it!

There are 160 red and infrared LED lights embedded in the mask that penetrate the skin at different depths to improve skin tone, firmness, and boost collagen production too.

Pros: Easy to use, fuss-free!

Cons: It’s not the most comfortable mask to wear. The eye and nose pads are not adjustable so they did not fit my face perfectly and I couldn’t wear it and walk about without it sliding forward.


All in all, I enjoyed using all 4 products, however, I probably won’t use them as often as I should, simply because of my busy schedule. The most practical ones for me would be the dual cleanser and the LED mask, but I’m not sure about spending $400+ on a cleansing brush!

In general, the long battery life of the products is an absolute plus, especially if you’re travelling, and you can be certain about the safety of the products on your skin as they’re made of medical-grade materials typically used for surgery and implants.

The Pra.L line is currently available at Tangs’ website and physical store, as well as Robinson’s stores.

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