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  • Kyle Chua

Lenovo Laptop With Rollable Display Surfaces in Leaked Patent

Laptop screen sizes might soon get a whole lot larger.

Credit: Pigtou

According to the tech blog Pigtou, Lenovo is looking to equip its laptops with ultrawide rollable displays, which is a feature that could give users more display real estate. The blog obtained leaked patent filings that show a laptop with a flexible design, highlighted by a display that can extend beyond the usual dimensions.

"Central to its innovation is the incorporation of a flexible body within the device’s structure," describes Pigtou. "This flexible body consists of both fixed and movable parts, allowing for dynamic adjustments to the device’s surface."

In essence, it's a standard laptop featuring an ultrawide rollable display that users can unroll to enjoy a large display on-the-go. The large display should give the device more functionality by making it more versatile for a wide range of different tasks.

Credit: Pigtou

As to when the first-of-its-kind laptop can be expected is yet unclear. What's almost certain is that it's unlikely to come out anytime soon as flexible display technology is expected to roll out in smartphones first. The technology itself is also relatively new, so a lot of research and development is still needed to get it to perform and function up to consumer standards.

Pigtou does suggest that if such a laptop were to ever be released at an affordable price, it has the potential to outsell conventional laptops in the market, considering its expanded functionality. However, that's also unlikely to happen anytime soon. Currently, flexible displays are expensive to manufacture, posing a major challenge to tech giants who are racing to push a product out that incorporates the emerging technology.

LG in 2021 announced it would be releasing the world's first rollable smartphone. But a year later, the South Korean electronics giant exited the smartphone business and abandoned plans to follow through with that announcement.

  • New patent filings reveal Lenovo is planning to equip its laptops with ultrawide rollable displays.

  • The laptop features a flexible body that consists of fixed and movable parts, allowing the display to extend beyond the usual dimensions.

  • As to when the first-of-its-kind laptop can be expected is yet unclear.

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