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Leaked Report Reveals Meta Quest 3 Lite: Affordable VR Headset with Enhanced Features and Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2

According to leaked information, the Meta Quest 3 Lite headset will be less expensive than the original. The Quest 3 Lite seeks to give a comparable experience to the Quest 2, disappointing some who expected big improvements. The core optical parameters, including as resolution and refresh rates, remain unchanged from the Quest 2.

Early specifications have surfaced, providing insight into what this new device, provisionally dubbed the Meta Quest 3 Lite, has to offer.

According to Lunayian, a user who claims to have intimate knowledge, the Meta Quest 3 Lite is not designed to equal the performance of its predecessor. Instead, it intends to deliver a comparable experience as Meta Quest 2. This revelation may upset long-time Meta Quest fans who were hoping for a substantial update.

One of the major disappointments for VR fans is that the Meta Quest 3 Lite allegedly has the same core optical characteristics as the Quest 2. This means it will feature a resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye and a "fast-switch" LCD panel capable of refresh rates up to 120Hz. The familiar Fresnel lenses will also make a comeback, ensuring sharper visuals in the peripheral vision.

However, there are still some noticeable changes in store. The leaked material indicates that the Meta Quest 3 Lite will include a "Meta Quest 2 Style glasses spacer," implying that it may share certain design elements with its predecessor. On the hardware aspect, it is reported to be powered by the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 CPU, which provides more than double the graphics performance of the Quest 2. Surprisingly, the Quest 3 Lite's reduced native resolution may allow certain games to run better.

In terms of functionality, the Meta Quest 3 Lite is rumoured to include 4MP colour passthrough cameras with depth sensing, allowing for more immersive mixed reality experiences. This is consistent with the capabilities of the Quest 3 and might be a game changer for developers trying to produce appealing mixed reality content. Additionally, the Quest 3 Lite will use the Quest 3 controllers, which have a new sensor ring. While some users expressed worries about the prior design's limitations during fast arm motions, the new controllers rely more on internal motion sensors, which may address these difficulties.

The major question for Meta is whether Quest 3 Lite is a viable upgrade for current Quest 2 users. Pricing information are unknown, and it has to be seen whether the Lite version will provide enough major enhancements to convince existing users to upgrade.

Meta's success with the Quest 2, which has reportedly sold about 20 million devices, has been a watershed moment for the VR industry. Meta will have a difficult time replicating that kind of success with a new headset, especially given the Quest 2's widespread appeal.

  • Leaked information reveals the development of a more affordable version of the Meta Quest 3 headset, called the Meta Quest 3 Lite.

  • The Quest 3 Lite aims to provide a similar experience to the Quest 2, disappointing those expecting significant upgrades.

  • Core optical specifications, including resolution and refresh rates, remain the same as the Quest 2.

Source: Forbes

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