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  • Cheryl Tan

Klipsch T5 II McLaren Edition True Wireless Review: These Are Good!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Klipsch has revamped their T5 series, and is now offering the T5 II True Wireless and the T5 II True Wireless Sport, with the latter having a really special Mclaren Edition! We took it through its paces, and share with you whether it’s worth the upgrade, and just how cool that Mclaren Edition honestly is.

Before we get into the T5 II, let’s talk about how they are different from the original version. The original one had some complaints about the fit, it was a little too long and it was hard to fit into the ear right.

Klipsch has taken all that feedback and they’ve redesigned these to fit a lot better in the ear. They’re shorter, they’re a little bit more compact, and if you want to use the case, it’s slightly different. The iconic Zippo case that everybody loved, it’s back, with little changes to the design but it’s very pocketable with beautiful build quality.

These earbuds are fantastic and also in terms of fit, the eartips are the same as the ones on the sports variant with the McLaren Edition and Klipsch has really taken a lot of time to redesign these and make them in various different sizes. Not everybody’s ear is actually the same size so they’ve made slight adjustments to each of them so it’s much easier to find a good fit.

One of the things about Klipsch’s audio is that it has a very clean sound and it’s right in the mid-range, so it’s not too bassy and it’s not too high in the trebles. It really captures if you like to listen to podcasts, YouTube, videos, even movies. One thing about any true wireless earbuds or speakers is that you need to let them burn-in.

It’s very hard to just pull something out of the box, listen to it for five minutes and just make a decision on that because the sound profile does change after you use them for a period of time.

It becomes a little bit warmer, a little bit more inviting, but it’s just got a really good sound. One of the things that really stood out to me the most is how enjoyable the sound is on these. In terms of fit, as I mentioned before, they fit great now.

These are a little bit different in terms of fit because as you’ll see in the sports variant, they actually have various different size ear wings so when you’re running around, they’re not going to fall out. These have a pretty good suction in the ears as well, they won’t fall out just moving around, but if I’m going to do any sort of running or sporting activity or cycling, I will definitely go for the sports variant.

Let’s talk about battery life for a moment, because you have up to eight hours on a single charge and three additional charges with the case, so a total of 32 hours of usage.

For someone like me, I use these mainly when I go to the gym or if I’m watching a YouTube video, which is five or ten minutes at a time, so I don’t need to charge these that much. Maybe once every week and a half or two weeks is good enough for me.

Speaking of the gym, these are IP67 rated, so don’t go swimming with these but you can do a pretty heavy workout with this even if you perspire more. But if you are that kind of a user, you’re going to want to move over to the sports version and we’ll go over why in just a minute, but nonetheless these will work for the gym as well.

Let’s talk about distance on these because they’ve also improved the Bluetooth connectivity on this. You can go quite a ways away from your phone and still get a really good connection on these.

Audio quality in terms of phone calls, it’s good. You hear the person pretty well, there’s a nice tonality to their voice. How others hear you is a little bit more on the higher-pitched end, you don’t get a lot of bass coming out of these, but it’s clear. That’s it for the T5 II Standard Edition, let’s talk about the sports variant. This is where things get pretty exciting.

The McLaren edition is absolutely beautiful, and different from the T5 II Standard, which has a metal case. The McLaren Edition is sports-oriented through and through, with a carbon fiber inlay on it, orange lines that are the same color as the McLaren’s F1 team. When you open it up, you’ve got the McLaren logo on the right side, you get the clips on the left side and you actually have beads in the case which you can hear, and these actually help dry out the earbuds.

So if you’re doing any sort of sports, running and you get perspiration or water all over the earbuds, you drop them in the case and it will actually dry out the earbuds for you. Of course you do want to wipe them off first, but these beads will actually help dry up the earbuds.

There’s also something different with these as well, you have ear wings and this is going to help them keep secured in your ears. The McLaren case also supports wireless charging, and it actually comes with a wireless charging pad.

What Klipsch has done with this McLaren edition for just US$20 more than the standard sports edition is insane. Go for this because first of all, it’s limited edition. Secondly, you get the wireless charging dock and on it you’ve got the colourway of the McLaren F1 team, which is kind of cool in itself. If you’re a car person, you’re gonna enjoy it, even if you’re not, it’s just sexy to look at.

But more than that, they’ve got so many accessories included. You’ve got foam tips, you’ve got the various different sizes in terms of silicone tips, the same as the T5 II standard edition, you’ve got the various different ear wings on this so you can fit it to your ear.

You’ve got all that inside of a limited edition aluminium case, and it’s the small things that matter. Battery life is the same, with eight hours on a single charge and 32 hours in total. It’s also IP67 rated on this.

There are a couple of things I do want to highlight to you in terms of the sports variants.These have the rubber ear wings on them and they’re great in terms of fit, but they are easily removable. As such, sometimes when you take them out of your ear and you put them into the case, they can push down to the point where the magnet won’t lock onto the earbud.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times where the earbuds will just stay on in the case no matter what or they’ll turn off and they’ll turn back on because the connection isn’t solid. My recommendation is before you put them into the case make sure that ear wing is not impeding the connectivity from the earbud to the magnet in the case itself, otherwise, you’ll find out that the next time you take them out, you’ll have no battery left on them.

I highly recommend these earbuds, the fact that these have wireless charging and come with the wireless charging dock, the accessories, the foam ear tips and the various different size silicone tips, the attention to detail that Klipsch has put in with the McLaren Edition is incredible.

In terms of the Standard Edition, these are beautiful. These are one of the most beautiful true wireless earbuds out there case-wise, even the buds themselves are really nice, and you can see that Klipsch has really made a big improvement over the first version.

I would definitely recommend the Klipsch T5 II. If you’re into a clean sound that’s great for YouTube videos, movies, various different music genres, you’re gonna absolutely love these.

For more information on the Klipsch T5 II or to support us, get it on Amazon here.


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