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Japan Government to Adopt ChatGPT Tech for Administrative Tasks: Boosting Efficiency with AI

Microsoft will provide the Japanese government with the artificial intelligence technology behind ChatGPT to boost productivity in clerical work and data analysis.

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The American tech giant has deployed the generative AI, developed with OpenAI, in Europe but this represents its first foray into Asia. Microsoft aims to amass data to improve the system's accuracy in Japanese.

To allay security concerns given the confidential information handled, Microsoft has installed high-powered equipment for the AI at its Tokyo and Osaka data centers. Japan's Digital Agency plans an initial spend of just over $2 million to use the technology for one year, making it available across ministries.

The agency likely will pilot the system from this fall to draft minutes, provide responses to parliamentary questions and support analysis of statistics. Employees would leverage the AI's output to streamline tasks.

Members of Japan's ruling LDP party meet Thursday to finalise the arrangement with Microsoft representatives attending.

The LDP proposed in April that generative AI could bring "immeasurable social benefits" in improving administrative services. METI and other ministries are considering adoption.

GPT-4 can generate images and text. It scored in the top 10% on a mock US bar exam, displaying human-like capabilities.

  • Microsoft bringing advanced AI technology used in ChatGPT to Japanese government

  • Aims to boost productivity in clerical and analytical work

  • Will store data locally in Japan to address confidentiality concerns

  • LDP sees huge potential for AI to improve quality of public services

Source: Nikkei Asia

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