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Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review: What Is Jabra Thinking?

I’ve always liked Jabra’s offerings, notably the Elite 75t and Elite 85t, but the company has decided to revamp their Elite lineup, and now, it’s called the Elite 7 Pro instead of the Elite 95t.

Let’s talk design first. I actually think the case design has taken a step back. The case is a new shape, slightly stouter and shorter than the other cases before it. Here’s my Elite 75t for reference. As you can tell from the scuffed case, I’ve used these quite a bit. I think the lid on the 75t’s case is just easier to open one-handed, and a major design flaw, for me at least, is that Jabra has put the USB-C charging port on the front of the case.

It kind of goes against all my experience with true wireless earbuds. I’m very used to feeling for the charging port with my fingers, before using my thumb on the opposite side to flip open the lid without having to look at the case. With these, I have to constantly remind myself that the lid flips open from the same side that the charging port is on. Hone