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iPhone SE 2022 Review : New But Dated

Updated: May 17, 2022

After experiencing the iPhone 13 mini and the joy of a small phone all over again, I was intrigued with what this year’s iPhone SE would bring. Another small phone can only be a good thing right? But this budget friendly rendition is a different beast altogether. In a nutshell, it is practically the iPhone SE of 2020 and the iPhone 8 - but with the saving grace of the A15 bionic chip. In other words, one 12MP camera, the same 4.7 inch display, and you might be carrying a power bank or a charger again like the year 2017 when the original iPhone 8 came out. So who is this actually for?

The iPhone SE is definitely not for everyone. But it is for someone. Maybe those looking to upgrade from a previous generation SE, or anything earlier than an iPhone 8; or those looking to make the switch from Android to Apple for the first time but without the heavy price tag. And those looking for a cheaper small phone from Apple without the bells and whistles - like for older folks and young kids.