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  • Kyle Chua

iPhone, iPad Apps Extend to Apple Vision Pro Store By Default

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Apple wants early adopters of its mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, to have access to a lot of apps at launch.

Credit: Apple

The tech giant doesn't want users limited to the apps and games built specifically for the headset, which is why iPhone and iPad apps extend to the visionOS App Store by default.

"Users can access their favourite iPad and iPhone apps side by side with new visionOS apps on the infinite canvas of Apple Vision Pro, enabling them to be more connected, productive and entertained than ever before," Apple wrote in a news update for developers.

As part of that commitment to cross-compatibility, Apple is rolling out a developer beta release of visionOS that'll include the App Store in the fall. iPhone and iPad apps that are already published on the existing App Store would be automatically published on the App Store on the Vision Pro, no additional work required.

Credit: Apple

Because almost all the apps that run on iOS and iPadOS use the same frameworks as visionOS, they're expected to run smoothly on Apple's new headset without the need for any further development or modifications. The only caveat is that the apps don't take advantage of the headset's capabilities, such as spatial experiences, for example. They'll likely look and operate the same as they would on the iPhone or iPad, but they'll be projected as a floating display on the headset.

"In the case that your app requires a capability that is unavailable on Apple Vision Pro, App Store Connect will indicate that your app isn’t compatible and it won’t be made available," added Apple.

Extending iOS and iPadOS apps to visionOS is a smart move for Apple. The Vision Pro's hefty price tag gears it more towards enthusiasts than the masses, so there likely won't be a lot of third-party developers diving headfirst into creating new experiences for the headset. Cross-compatibility adds more utility to the headset for early adopters, even if the apps don't offer new experiences.

The Apple Vision Pro is priced at US$3,499 and is expected to release some time in early next year.

  • Apple announced iPhone and iPad apps extend to the App Store on the Vision Pro headset by default.

  • That way early adopters have access to hundreds of thousands of iPhone and iPad apps, in addition to apps designed specifically for the headset.

  • Because almost all the apps that run on iOS and iPadOS use the same frameworks as visionOS, the headset's software, they're expected to run smoothly on the Vision Pro without the need for any further development or modifications

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