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iOS 18 Introduces Key New iPhone Battery Feature to Speed Up Charging

iOS 18 introduces a new battery function for iPhones that increases charging efficiency. If the iPhone is linked to a sluggish charger, the battery section in the Settings app will now show. Users may see charging restrictions and speeds, allowing them to optimise their charging routine.

Apple has developed a new battery function that has the potential to transform the way we charge our iPhones, assuring maximum charging efficiency.

Users will now see a dedicated battery section in the Settings app, indicating whether their iPhone is linked to a sluggish charger. This function is intended to solve the widespread irritation of slow charging speeds. With this information, consumers can take the required actions to optimise their charging experience.

A Reddit user with access to the developer beta of iOS 18 observed the phrase "slow charger" followed by an information button. Although the button currently doesn't provide additional details, it is expected to offer more insights before the software's general release in the fall.

Apple Insider highlights that using a slow charger, such as the 5W charger that was previously supplied with iPhones, doesn't cause any damage. However, it can test one's patience. The true benefit of this new feature is its ability to notify customers about charging restrictions and speeds, which might vary greatly depending on the charger being used.

For example, the iPhone 15 Pro Max offers charging speeds of up to 27W, which makes a 5W charger appear slow in contrast. By displaying an orange bar instead of the usual green one in the battery settings, iOS 18 indicates when the charger is slow. Users can review this data for the past 24 hours or the last 10 days, empowering them to make informed decisions about their charging habits.

Furthermore, the function highlights the differences between wired and wireless charging. Wireless charging is often slower, and different wireless chargers provide varying speeds. With this knowledge, customers can optimise their charging routine and select the most efficient way for their needs.

  • iOS 18 introduces a new battery feature for iPhones to improve charging efficiency.

  • The battery section in the Settings app now displays if the iPhone is connected to a slow charger.

  • Users can view charging limits and speeds, empowering them to optimise their charging routine.

Source: FORBES

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